Magazines Begin To Populate Apple’s Newsstand App



A few magazines have begun to populate Apple’s Newsstand app on the eve of the October 12th release of iOS 5. Right now the only two magazines that I could add to Newsstand were Wired and Popular Science. They only showed up on an iPad I wasn’t able to find anything for the iPhone.

If you have access to an iPad running iOS 5 launch the App Store and search for the two publications shown in the image above. I tried searching for “magazine” and “newspaper” also, but it wasn’t really clear if any of the results would work or not. Hopefully Apple will clarify all of this soon by adding a category or two to the App Store.

I hope there will be more on launch day for iOS 5 tomorrow. I’d especially like to see some foreign newspapers, but Apple has been awfully quiet about Newsstand. It could be possible that they were unable to generate the interest they’d hoped for.