Siri Caught On Video, Will Tell You The Distance To The Moon In A British Accent


post-122563-image-08b62a48b7603df0856f9d63eedce971-jpg’s video hands-on with Siri is even more impressive than Apple’s demo videos. Not only do they show it opening websites, sending IMs, checking the weather both locally and across the world, setting a wake-up alarm, doing currency conversions and finding the distance to the moon, Siri even changes its accent according to whether it is talking to a Yank or a Brit.

Pretty awesome. Who said this wasn’t a killer feature for the iPhone 4S?

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45 responses to “Siri Caught On Video, Will Tell You The Distance To The Moon In A British Accent”

  1. Rwood2048 says:

    Still sounds like the bear in this – lol

  2. Shaunathan Sprocket says:

    One problem here.   I don’t speak with the British accent, but I’d like my phone to.  Is there a configuration setting, or is it purely on whom it is speaking to?

  3. God says:

    The countdown starts to who can find something to complain about first….tick tock

  4. GregsTechBlog says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Still, it’s a good way of finding out whether or not you can fake a good accent. 

  5. Tiago Brandes says:

    As always, Steve was right. People don’t know what they want until you show them.
    And because Steve couldn’t deliver Siri, people still don’t get it. The 4S would have had a very different reception by the media if it were mr. Jobs on the stage that day.

    Personal assistants like Siri will be the next revolution in technology, I can’t believe people don’t get it, really!

  6. Allen says:

    Finally my dream came true to have a British Accent Butler!

  7. octothorpe says:

    It’s not clear if it does it automatically, or if it’s just a function of the settings (that was a different iphone with a different person).

  8. ABSjazz says:

    His tapping of the Siri button after speaking really really bothers me for some reason lol.  But man, Siri is looking to be AMAZING!  Can’t wait for my 4S to get here on Friday!

  9. Bluelou65 says:

    do you have to keep tapping the button at the beginning and end of each question?

  10. carlospacheco74 says:

    Wow, this definitely does a better job at really showing how great Siri is. Its nothing more than what was in Apple’s ad but there’s always a doubt that Apple might be over promising. In this case I guess not! 

  11. MacHead says:

    No thats just him, if the Siri icon is displayed on screen it will detect your speech and detects end of speech

  12. Versaceboy54 says:

    I too agree with everything you just cant wait till friday :)

  13. FenTiger says:

    Blimey that accent’s a bit la-di-dah Gunner Graham, innit. Won’t work in the Fens then…

  14. townNOTgown says:


  15. heyyouguyz says:


  16. Scotty says:

    I say it’s an English accent. If you don’t believe me, ask Fiona on Lion.

  17. Gene says:

    Yup. The voice the phone uses (for Siri or any other speech application) is dependent on the international setting of your phone (or other iOS device).
    Just go to Settings > General > International > Language. This is the setting that controls the voice.

  18. Mssangol says:

    Apple – buy the owners of the text-to-speech software – I would like Siri to talk a bit less like a robot!

  19. Freefordan says:

    Siri is nothing new?! I had it for a year until Apple pulled the plug on it and decided it was only going to be for the 4S .. such bullshit

  20. Guest says:

    I have wanted voice activation commands for years (back in my WM5 phone days).  Siri is beyond what I would have expected at this time.  I look forward to trying it out.  One of the features I have on my jailbroken 3GS is SBSettings.  I’m wondering if Siri will be able to change settings in the phone such as turning on bluetooth or wifi, or forwarding calls.  It would be nice to have quick access to these functions.  Has anyone tried this?

  21. kriswm says:

    what if i’m a yank and want it to talk to me in a british accent?

  22. Evan Benford says:

    Slashgear has THE BEST review for Siri…third video down…its awesome. Very humorous; reviewer ask diverse questions and really displays the power of Siri.

  23. SevanGrim says:

    i know this is possible on the 4, even if its a bit slower. why do i have to spend an extra 200 in new contract fees and close to 100 (after selling my 4) to get siri? Whatever. as soon as a good enough jailbreak comes along…

  24. Matt Ralston says:

    That’s a British accent? Could have fooled me. I’m English and don’t know anybody who speaks like that.

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