Your iPhone 4 Case May Not Fit Your iPhone 4S



So Apple didn’t announce that all-new iPhone 5 you were so desperately longing for, but the good news is, you can use your current stock of iPhone 4 cases with your new iPhone 4S, right? Wrong!

While Apple’s new iPhone looks the same as its predecessor, there’s a very subtly difference that may mean some cases won’t fit it.

If you’ve been using a Verizon iPhone, then you’ve got nothing to worry about, because the iPhone 4S is exactly the same (externally) as the CDMA device. However, if you’ve been using an AT&T (GSM) one, things are going to be a little different.

In order to accommodate the redesigned antenna on the latest iPhones, Apple had to move the mute switch and the volume buttons ever so slightly. They’ve only been shifted down a tiny little bit, but for some cases — those that only just accommodate the mute switch and volume buttons — the difference means your case will no longer fit.

It may be a good idea, then, to pick up a new iPhone 4S case when you get that shiny new iPhone on Friday.

[via Gizmodo]

  • mavan

    or, use a stanley knife and alter the case a bit, and save feeding the apple machine a bit more $, as if it needs any after you were dumb enough to buy a 4S over a 4 anyway … (interestingly, 4S typed with the shift key down makes $S in the UK … a strange coincidence???

  • dagamer34

    No case for me.

  • dR435t4


  • TylerHoj

    So Apple discontinued the iPhone 4 bumper for a reason then eh. 

  • CharliK

    many companies, Apple included had already revamped their cases to fit both the CDMA and the GSM iPhone 4. so it is possible that in fact you will NOT have to buy a new case. I would advise waiting before ordering or at least make sure you can return the new one that you don’t need

  • CharliK

    “feeding the apple machine”. 

    of course you do realize that 99.9% of the iPhone 4/4s cases out there are NOT made by Apple. 

  • ZeeKazim

    No problem if you use one of those cases that have a single opening for both the mute switch & volume buttons; half of my cases are this way, but two of my favorite ones might need a slight adjustment to accommodate the revamped metallic frame on the iPhone 4S.

  • Wayne

    Does the Mophie Juice pack air plus  fit. Anyone know???

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    GODAMN IT! I already bought a new case for it!!!!

  • dbwie

    Some companies (e.g. Switcheasy) list their cases for the iPhone 4/iPhone 4S.  I’m hoping this suggests their cases were already compatible with both the Verizon and ATT iPhone 4…  can’t tell from their web site.

  • Chris Killen

    I emailed Switcheasy this morning about that! Have yet to get a reply.

  • Tarheel118

    Which ones which? Is the iPhone 4s on the top, or bottom?

  • Jose CE

    The one on the top (white) is the new 4S, the one on the bottom (black) is the old iPhone 4. Most probably is that the cases with a single opening for both the mute switch and volume buttons will still fit. Hopefully.

  • Dave Stephens


    there’s a very subtly should be
    there’s a very subtle

  • Tarheel118

    Thanks, yeah hopefully…if not, ill have one vulnerable iPhone untill i get another.

  • Stingy

    If you’ve got enough money to buy an iPhone, you’ve got enough money to get a new case.

  • mrplowinc

    Just for info …… if you’re in the UK the 4 and 4s appear to be the same as far as cases go.
    The UK apple store shows the bumper case suitable for iPhone 4 and 4s

  • Mp7984

    How sure are you that the Verizon iPhone 4 is the exact same as the Verizon iPhone 4s?

  • Ade

    Let us know what they say!

  • Lewis Black

    I got this reply from switcheasy Europe customer care: “
    All the details confirming the iPhone 4S compatibility can be see via our 

    website. As mentioned our cases for iPhone 4 are compatible.” – so hoping their case fits!

  • Xavier8jackson

    The iPhone 4s has the same configuration of the buttons as the CDMA version, so if you had a Verizon iphone4 it will fit like a glove and not so much for the AT&T iPhone 4

  • StevenRight

    I measured the differences between a GSM iPhone 4 and CDMA iPhone 4 and they are different. Here’s my blog:

  • Greg Vernon

    I made the mistake of buying a Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 4S today – it fits but it is NOT compatible. The minute I hooked it up to the iPhone the iPhone started complaining… repeatedly. iPhone 4S hates Mophie JPA.