These Are The iTunes Logo Redesigns That Apple Never Went For [Gallery]



Back in 2004, designer Felix Sockwell was hired by a respectable design firm that had been contracted by Apple to redesign the iTunes logo. The iTunes logo didn’t actually end up being redesigned until 2010, but I find some of Sockwell’s sketches interesting, even if they are admittedly off the mark. As Sockwell himself eloquently says, “iTunes never needed a sales pitch or promise or proprietary device. They just needed a note in a circle. Boom. Done.”

Check out more of Felix’s sketches in the gallery below, then make sure to read his fantastic thoughts on what it takes to design a great Apple logo over at his blog.


  • Gilland Jordan

    that note hammock is pretty awesome.

  • DysonApps

    An escalator? I would love to have been in the room when these were presented to Steve.

  • twitter-19413173

    What the hell, was he drunk coming up with these

  • SteveA

    Wow these really are truly awful. No wonder iTunes was redesigned till 2010.

  • Anono

    Wow, really? Not good at all…

  • Robert Mungo

    The note in the “String” version reminds me of the L on Laverne’s shirt. Steve Jobs never saw these because this guy wasn’t taken out back of Infinite Loop and shot for the sake of humanity.

    (He of course freely admits that these are ‘mostly crap’ and that it just shows his process. I can’t say that I’m any better with my process… I just don’t show the whole process to people. If you make a steak, you might let them see you grilling, but you don’t show them how to slaughter a cow.)

  • Joel

    This is a disgrace.  How the HELL did this guy get the opportunity to even present these to Steve when they are this horrid.  This man has no sense of design!

  • volodoscope

    I’m glad Apple kept their own version. These are pretty ugly. WTF with the “OK” symbol, has no connection to Apple and more connection to 666, occult meaning.

  • Aaron

    Apparently this guy doesn’t know that the “OK” hand symbol means “a–hole” in other countries…

  • Gian Centeno

    Looks like a grade school project.

  • prof_peabody

    Interesting to see the process and a lot of creativity here, but this person doesn’t seem to know Apple or iTunes at all.  None of these are even close to Apple’s style.  These are more like corporate logos.  I’m sure this person makes a lot of money doing logos for banks, insurance corporations and other tedious clients like that.  

  • Hothotpenny

    Aaaahhhh Gian. Don’t be so harsh you snivelling scat.

  • Phill Pafford

    Aren’t some of these in the Android UI? 

  • dougitdesign

    Those all suck—hard.

    How much money did that designer make?

  • Len Williams

    Don’t be so hard on the designer. During the creative process it often takes a long time and the exploration of lots of design variations before true genius surfaces. Sketches are used to test possibilities and are not offered as final artwork, and that’s what’s being shown here. When I design logos for clients, I often go through 40-50 different mockups in an effort to clean all the ideas out of my head before I nail the killer design, and a lot of them along the way are truly terrible–and obvious once they’re on paper. Each one is an experiment, exploring possibilities along the way, that leads toward the end goal. Don’t criticize the design process because all of these were not finished artwork. Effortless design actually takes a lot of hard, slogging work. Beautiful design is accomplished by creating and rejecting everything that doesn’t work, so that the final result looks clean, simple, powerful and “obvious”.

    Over the last 30 years I’ve had several clients look at the final artwork, beautiful in its simplicity and elegance after having been worked on for a week, say “well that’s simple; I could have done that myself”. It only looks simple because all the complex variations were tried and rejected, and no, they couldn’t have done it themselves.

  • Dax Xanos

    @dougitdesign – Dude, sorry to say this, but after visiting your website… these designs and everything else Felix Sockwell has done is orders of magnitude better than your work…

  • Andy Shaw

    Even the Felix logo on the Blog is a rip-off ford logo! Is this guy for real ? I’m suspicious 

  • Tor

    To those of you criticizing these designs… they are sketches… thoughts… exploration… not final artwork. I have worked on projects where hundreds of options were explored before a final mark was chosen… Felix Sockwell is an excellent designer, you critics may want to take some notes…

  • jeffventura

    Nice visual brainstorming.

    I see most people don’t understand the process.

  • gareth edwards

    I’m a designer, I can see where these ideas are going but I think there’s two main problems that stand out in them for me. One is the issue raised initially, all you need is a musical note in a circle and it answers the brief perfectly. The note is universal, the circle underpins many aspects of sound culture, it’s also neat.

    The second problem is connected to the first. Whatever is created that is more complicated than the simplest solution will always look a bit laboured. Computer icons are special in the sense that in a lot of cases they have to communicate / represent a complicated thing quickly and simply. Good ones do this without breaking a sweat, bad ones, bad ones sweat.

    Some of the ideas in the concepts were good but they were always on a hiding to nothing. It’s not that the designer is bad it’s just the brief would be hard to answer better than what is already there (style of rendering aside).

  • Michael Verrenkamp

    Wow there is a lot of hate here for what look like just the exploration of some random ideas. You need to do this before you hit the gold.

  • Dtl64

    For all you newbie, designer wanabee, morons out there, Felix Sockwell is a well known, accomplished and respected designer within our community. Once you get your head out of your ass and your ass out of diapers perhaps you can learn a thing or two here about the creative process.

  • wporch

    Here’s an option for most of the “Critics” posting their opinions — on this blog or any other forum. Perhaps it’s worth considering: What if it was me who had this assignment? What if I really knew the assignment, read the brief, had the deadline, and most of all understood the process. Count the number of times you might have said you “could have done that.”

    The world is full of designers and artists who said they could have done something, but, and here’s the key — you didn’t. You didn’t and you probably won’t.

    For those who question the quality and value of the sketches, try it sometime. Pick up a pencil instead of grabbing your mouse and checking out some online logo site. In other words, do it yourself. You’ll see how difficult it is to create a unique, simple, great logo.

    And how rare, and brave, it is for a great designer to let you see into his or her (self described) trash pile. More than likely, he’s created more great stuff than most of us will ever think we can get published.

  • McCharley Okafor

    Tough work though, but can see why Apple didn’t go for any of em. Seems  crappy to me. But great effort all the same.

  • McCharley Okafor

    Tough work though, but can see why Apple didn’t go for any of em. Seems  crappy to me. But great effort all the same.

  • Olof Liliengren

    I liked the singing note really much!