JailbreakMe.com is Safe to Use Again



Jailbreakers rejoice! The famous, web-based jailbreak tool called JailbreakMe is fully operational and safe to use again.

After the JailbreakMe.com domain was sold to an unidentified person, the site was deemed unsafe to visit. Now, the site has been brought back online in its original form to let users jailbreak their iDevices.

JailbreakMe was created by Nicholas Allegra, or better known as “comex” in the jailbreak community. Allegra was recently hired by Apple.

As reported by iDownloadBlog, the JailbreakMe.com domain is now owned by none other than the creator of the famous jailbreak app store known as “Cydia.” Jay Freeman (also known as “saurik”) maintains Cydia for the millions of people that use his store daily to find jailbreak apps and tweaks for their iDevices.

Freeman recently tweeted that he had procured JailbreakMe.com and reinstated Allegra’s jailbreak tool. JailbreakMe will let users jailbreak all iDevices (including the iPad 2) on iOS 4.3.3 from Mobile Safari. No computer is required.

If you’d like to learn more about JailbreakMe, see our tutorial.

  • Niquenak

    Says who, and by who’s authority? I have been studying up on jailbreaking and unlocking for the last 3 weeks. Now wouldn’t you just f””””ing know it the day I decide which way to go I find this happened and I am now uncertain what to do.
    I tried saving my SHSH blobs with Tiny Umbrella and think I was just too late to save firmware 04.10.01, unless Cydia already had them saved, this could be possible as i downloaded a bunble directly into my phone a week to 10 days ago but never managed to do much with it, it is within a black icon with a silver border, and when I tap it it opens to reveal Folder above a brown icon with cydia written underneathi it , next to this is another icon silver border arround it, green arrow pointing down inside it, and Installous written underneath it.
    Clicking the green arrow reveals Settings
    Local Sharing     OFF
    Remove Metadata      OFF
    MobileHunt         ON
    Username      (apptracker)     blank
    Password       (apptracker)     blank
    Local Notifications        ON
             Reload Categories

    Clicking on Cydia caused refreshing data to occur much of which :-failed to fetch
    http;//repo666ultrasnow.com/releasegp… modemname nor servname provided or not known + more +more bigboss/repofiles                                   

  • Qijie

    When jailbreakme release IOS4.3.5 jailbreak? I can’t wait already…