Deals: Get Disk Drill Pro – Recover and Undelete Lost Data at 66% Off



Exciting news – we have a new offer on Cult of Mac Deals.  This one is near and dear to my heart as this app has saved my butt multiple times in crisis situations.

Disk Drill is one of those apps that you think (and honestly hope) you’ll never need. It’s the app that you go to when you delete something then empty your trash bin only later to suddenly realize…”$*(@_!…I need that file back”!

Yeah, I think we’ve all been there.

Disk Drill Pro is a life-saver in situations like this and when it comes to recovering lost data on your Mac in almost any situation. It has patented technology to deep-scan your hard drive and find files you thought were gone forever.

Machines are prone to break and you can either wait until that day, (and eventually it will) and you can cough up the $90 to fix it… or you can get hooked up now and pay just 1/3 of that and begin protecting your data against accidental data loss now for just $30 – that’s 66% Off.

It was designed by Mac users for Mac users from the ground up. It’s made to be simple and intuitive to every user: no matter if you are a data recovery guru or a new Mac user.

Moral of the story: Make a small investment now… save a bundle later.

Buying Disk Drill Pro is an investment in protecting your photos, your music, your presentations, your financial data.