Even Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs [Video]



He’s one of the most important men in the world – or at least he plays one on TV – but even Stephen Colbert paused to take a few moments yesterday in his show to pay tribute to Steve Jobs passing. Stephen has long been an Apple gadget fan, and in this fitting segment he looks back on the times he has showed off his new toys on the show. Classic Colbert, and another example of the impact of Steve Jobs.

The video is (unfortunately) in Flash format only, the embed link comes from Comedy Central.
UPDATE: An iPad compatible version is available on the Comedy Central website

  • Bluelou65

    wow; well done colbert.

  • Jam Del Rosario

    wow. made me cry again.

  • Chris

    I don’t like TV guys who show off their new gadgets liek little kids….just my opinion.
    I don’t know Stephen Colbert really, so forgive me please

  • Chris

    ok after watching the video (xD) he actually makes it fun :D

  • ckfd

    what a final

  • yinkel


  • Ed_Kel

    Great ending. 

  • Steven Zahl