Deals: Get New Version of Great Sparrow Email App While It’s Still On Sale @ Cult of Mac



Good news for Cult of Mac readers. The great Sparrow email client has been updated to version 1.4 — while it’s here on sale for 40% off for a few more hours at Cult of Mac Deals.

The latest version of the minimalist mail app offers improvements both in terms of UI and performance.  Undoubtedly, Sparrow fans will be happy to hear, the app is now faster than ever.

One of the most notable new features is the integration of CloudApp. Using CloudApp, sending attachments is about as easy as it gets.  There are also several other new features as well:

  • A reversed thread ordering like in Gmail (older messages on top)
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • A brand new draft management system

Sparrow is still on sale for 40% off for one more day at Cult of Mac Deals.  If you’ve considering buying Sparrow in the past, now’s the time to make the switch for just $6.