Steve at His Best — Amazing Q&A Keynote From WWDC 1997


Many thanks to one of my other early inspirations (and now a friend), Gary Wolf of Wired and Quantified Self, for Tweeting it earlier tonight. Just astounding how much clarity Steve already had about what could and needed to be fixed in the tech industry. All of it and more has now come true. Though iCloud is only starting to match what Steve had with networked storage way back then.

  • mdmadph

    Wow — at about 16min in, he basically starts describing ChromeOS.

  • Mike Pisino

    Watched the whole thing, I can’t even begin to say  how much I miss Steve already.  He handles crowds so well, and really didn’t take the opportunities to just tell people to F-Off like most may have in that situation during that time.  Especially the guy towards the end who was quite furious about the whole “opendoc” disaster.