Steve Jobs Remembered: the Most Celebrated CEO of the Last Century [Gallery]



The “Uniform” Years

At some point, after he returned to save Apple in the wake of the John Scully era, Steve Jobs settled on the long-sleeve black mock-turtleneck sweater and faded blue jeans that would become a sartorial trademark to last him the rest of his life. Good thing too, as it not only honed his personal brand but provided an unchanging constant supporting his role as Apple’s pitchman, who would introduce one revolutionary product after another over the last fifteen years of his life.

Jobs embraced the role that would one day make Apple one of the most successful companies in the world.
With the Mac Mini 2005 - Image by Frederick Van Johnson
Often imitated, never matched, Jobs could present like no one else.
With the MacBook Air
Showing the world the iPad in 2010
  • bas

    I think he was the best CEO the world will ever know.

  • gareth edwards

    The last photo is a heart breaker.

    A great reminder that Steve was, above everything else people write about him, a person.


    Hope New Balance do a Steve charity shoe, he must have been their most high profile brand ambassador.

  • Sandra

    the last picture breaks my heart … the look of a man that knew he didn’t have much time left … 

  • cheryl kelly

    And he made being a geek a sexy thing.  It’s strange how the death of a CEO you’ve never met can break your heart. I suppose it’s because he gave so much of his.

  • Ole Kristian Dyskeland

    I think it’s unapropriate to include the picture of Steve Jobs and John Sculley because as everybody knows, Steve hated John Sculley!!

  • HerbalEd

    And yet, Sculley has been saying how much he admired Jobs and that forcing him out of the company was the biggest mistake of his career. Ironically, although Jobs was forced out because the board thought he was too young, and incapable of CEOing Apple, yesterday I heard Sculley in two different interviews say he thought Jobs was the greatest CEO in history (or words to that effect).