Want a New iPhone 4S? Apple Will Buy Back Your Old iPhone 4 For Up To $200



If you’re eager to get hold of an iPhone 4S, but you only splashed out on an iPhone 4 12 months ago, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple will buy back your unwanted device for up to $200 via its Reuse and Recycle program.

To get the full $200, you’ll need to trade in a white, 16GB or 32GB model iPhone 4 in pristine condition. If you’re rocking the black model, that’ll only get you $180, however, that’s not a bad price when you consider the new iPhone 4S starts at just $199 with a two-year commitment.

Will you be trading your iPhone 4 in for an iPhone 4S?

[via The Next Web]

  • Peter Butler

    I don’t really see a huge advantage to having the new model apart from Siri and the better camera. iOS 5 will bring a lot of nice upgrades for me so I’m just going to ride this out until my contract expires then I’ll upgrade / wait for the next model to come out :)

  • FriarNurgle

    Ummm… You can offload it on Craigslist for more than that.

  • 19Gandalf71

    My daughter sent in her 3G a year or so ago based on the same “up to…” and received a $25 bid. We have been Mac users since the early 2000’s and I can assure you that the equipment was in superb condition. Also, the resale vendor took forever to send it back to my daughter. 

  • 19Gandalf71

    Peter – I agree. I would love to have Siri but if I can get everything else via the iOS 5 upgrade then the $200 for the improved camera and faster download speed is a bit steep. But then again I am a sucker for new “toys” …..

  • AlterThending

    No, i’ll be selling it on Craigslist for 300 already got like 6 emails. 

  • Greg

    I’m a tad confused. I got a 4 about 10 months ago, so I’m not eligible for an upgrade. So, even if Apple gave me $200 for my pristine 4 ($180 I guess – it’s black) I’d still have to pay full retail for a 4S right? I haven’t seen full retail pricing yet, but wouldn’t a 32 gb 4S probably be in the $600 range? Meaning that this would still cost me about $400?

  • Lewis Dugmore

    is this service available in the uk 

  • Jackson Myers

    I think $200 is worth it if the camera is decent. That’s my main incentive to upgrade. I already use my iPhone in place of my SLR camera in many cases, so having a better camera is a big deal to me. I haven’t used a point and shoot in years which is pretty nice. I guess we need to wait and see some sample images though.

    I agree that selling your old phone to Apple for $180-$200 is stupid when you could sell it for $300-$400 on eBay.

  • Kile_Omizio

    Forget about Apple, I’ll buy your old iPhone 4 for 230$ :) Ain’t that a deal..

  • Harold Cho

    RIP OFF! I can sell it for much more on ebay or craiglist. 

  • JP Jay

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