How Was Everyone So Wrong About The @$#!ing iPhone 5? [Punk’d]



Apple has just emptied their magician’s hat onto the table, and out of that silk showman’s topper spilled the brand new iPhone 4S. For some of us, the revelation of “just” a faster iPhone 4 was a disappointment… but it was much more than a disappointment to hundreds of case makers who had bet millions of dollars between them on a radical redesign.

Ah, the mythical iPhone 5. A slimmer, tear dropped iPhone with a larger display and a lozenge shaped capacitive home button. What a chimera. It first emerged as a report over at This Is My Next from Joshua Topolsky, the ex-Engadget editor who was also wrong about whether or not the iPad 2 would have a Retina Display. But he’s not the only one who was wrong about the iPhone 5, and for the last six months, it’s been persistently murmured about by tech bloggers, journalists and analysts.

What the hell happened? How were people so wrong?

No one bought the iPhone 5 hype bigger than case makers. Look at our report this morning about Hard Candy Cases, a company that was so convinced the iPhone 5 was coming that they already made fifty thousand of them before Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

They weren’t the only ones. Case-Mate also bet big on the iPhone 5. Even AT&T started getting iPhone 5 cases in stock in the last few days. Even our own David Martin managed to buy one at his local shop.

In fact, iPhone 5 case designs have been trickling out of China since at least July. China, more than anyone, bet big on the iPhone 5.

So here’s the question: how were so many smart people and companies fooled, especially considering the fact that just looking at the iPhone 5 concept should have been enough to convince smart people that Apple would never, ever build something that looked or felt like it.

The iPhone 5, as described, is heavier on one side the other, with completely lopsided upper and lower bezels. For a company like Apple to design something as asymmetrical as the iPhone 5 is just absurd idea. Apple’s obsessed with symmetry, which is why the iPhone 5 just looks weird once you look past the fact that it’s radically new. There’s a reason it looks so radical to our eyes. It’s because Jonny Ive would dismiss the design as ugly and stupid in a heart beat.

So what the hell happened? Why did everyone buy into the myth of the iPhone 5? We’re going to be speaking to case makers in the coming days and weeks to try to figure it out, but I have a little pet theory.

Late last month, we reported on a story coming out of China, saying that the reason Chinese case makers were so sure about the iPhone 5 was because they had managed to buy an “ill-begotten” (re: stolen) iPhone prototype directly from within Foxconn, giving them a head start of months on case making ahead of Apple’s debut.

So here’s the question: who has something to gain from tricking Chinese case makers into thinking they got their hands on a real next-gen iPhone prototype?

Apple’s an obvious first guess, but it’s unlikely, not least because leading consumers to believe a radically different iPhone with a bigger display and a thinner body would be a disastrous PR move if all you are planning on releasing is an iPhone that looks identical to last year’s model.

Foxconn’s another good guess. After all, employees leaking early details about upcoming Apple products is a major problem for the manufacturer. They could have been trying to muddy the waters and confuse the shady buyers outside Shenzhen’s walls who were paying big money for prototypes, but again, it sends the wrong message: why would Foxconn put out that they were designing a new super iPhone when the truth was so much more mundane?

So here’s my little guess. If you want to know who fooled all the China’s case makers, look no further than China’s case makers… specifically, the ones who have been happily plugging away at iPhone 4S cases for the last few months, seemingly oblivious to these “100% accurate reports” of a thinner, bigger iPhone 5.

Their competitors have now lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, where as they are already in stores, ready for purchase. And it was so easy: all they had to do was get someone to build a decent looking but non-functional prototype. If anyone caught on that that wasn’t what was being built within Foxconn, they would just shrug and say that the other devices were the iPhone 4S, a new “budget” iPhone. Punk’d!

We’ll see if this theory pans out, but right now, it’s my own personal favorite theory. What do you guys think happened? Let us know in the comments.

  • Chris Alexander

    The 4S is unimpressive. 16 months for a minor spec update.  Let’s be honest fanboys…this is a major letdown for the world’s number one company.  I own almost every apple product, and i will not be buying the 4S. 

  • BB Caspian

    April’s Fool!

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    I really don’t care. I’m disappointed that the 4S didn’t even live up to the 4S rumored specs. 512MB RAM, not 1GB. That’s pretty lame.

  • Producerjamespd

    It’s called being stupid and not researching your story. Now a days anyone can write something…….but few research to find the truth.

  • Demi

    Get over it – read thru the transcript. The phone is awesome and there is huge pent up demand.  Between me and my 2 friends we want 12.  Apple Store said only one per customer.  Japan opened there distribution as well.  You people have no idea what sales will be like — the software is cool. And the ecosystem is awesome.  Siri is incredible.  Ask yourself that if it was exactly the same but they named it iPhone 5 – would everyone be happy?  It’s ridiculous.

  • Timous

    Minor spec update? Dual-core A5 vs single-core A4, better camera, and Siri – do some research on the truth, fools.

  • Chris Alexander

    It’s that the form didn’t change.  What could 16 months take to swap a chip they’ve had for 12 months already? You and your friends can enjoy your 2343 iPhone 4s, and I’ll wait on the iPhone 5 with my slightly less camera…woww…btw Siri is already available on the 4. No one knows how much Siri is a software upgrade, and being in iOS 5, will be available on the 4 as well. Stop drinking the Kool Aid Demi.

  • jayjaytee

    You weren’t listening to the Apple presentation today, were you? Siri is a hardware feature, not part of iOS 5. It won’t be available to the current 3GS or 4.

  • jayjaytee

    You weren’t listening to the Apple presentation today, were you? Siri is a hardware feature, not part of iOS 5. It won’t be available to the current 3GS or 4.

  • Alberto Hernandez

    It is a minor spec update. iPad 2 had most of these features 8 months ago. Siri is nothing to get excited about.

  • jayjaytee

    Personally, I love all the whining about how we “didn’t get” an iPhone 5 announcement today. Mistaking unsubstantiated rumors from shady sources for fact will do that to you. (I’m especially happy that Boy Genius Report was shown up for a fool with that wacko “Sprint iPhone 5 exclusive” nonsense.)

  • 9to5Mac ?

    When you say everyone, you mean everyone except

  • Coltsfan85

    Siri will be a software upgrade and will be available to the iPhone 4 with iOS 5 upgrade!

  • Chris Alexander

    Before you jump in on how great it is, let’s see how much you actually use it…Voice Control was “so cool” last generation…and a highly unused feature.

  • jayjaytee

    i never said it was great or not. i just pointed out that it’s not something current iPhone 4 owners can get via software upgrade.

  • John Mozelewski

    How often will u you use Siri? and spec update lol my ipad two has a A5! and the iphone design is worse than the 3gs and glass on the back is stupid. i will be getting nexus prime when it comes out but honeycomb tablets don’t match the ipad apps so i will be keeping it until the ipad 3 unless its a stupid spec update.

  • Chris Alexander

    How have you gotten to the point where you don’t expect major things from the world’s number one company? Seriously….I know the Apple quality is unmatched…but other companies are creating phones with beautiful 4-4.5 inch screens…why is the tech leader spending 2+ years on a dated design? No knock on Apple, I just expected more.

  • DarkHeartfelt

    There is a teardrop iPhone in heaven for Joshua Topolsky.

    My guess is the other phone is already made and tested and proven great, but they took a look at the market (which they are already killing with a 14 month old product) and put the iPhone 5 back in their silk hat.  Why push the technology into a super expensive realm when they can still compete and make more profit selling less advanced but still unmatchable technology?

  • S. Mulji

    Don’t compare Voice Control with Siri.  It doesn’t come close to what Siri can do.  Trust me.

  • S. Mulji


  • S. Mulji

    Where does it say it’s only 512MB RAM.  

  • Chris Alexander

    Not a bad point. Still a letdown though, no?

  • RicoRich196

    The first sign you’re dealing with a mook, shoots down things you didn’t even say.

  • Stationcommando

    Macbook Air is teardrop shaped.

  • Sean Carter

    What about that little iphone icon that was found in itunes or iOS (can’t remember where it was dug out from) that seemed to match the wider iphone with the wide home button?

  • DarkHeartfelt

    Letdown…of course I didn’t expect this and I wanted an iPhone 5 with larger screen but I don’t think the mistakes of media rumor mills will affect the Apple brand whatsoever.  They are effectively playing king of the hill with technology, and theres no reason to make holding the top position even more expensive when it’s not imperative.  

  • Barton Lynch

    You are a complete asshole. You seriously are saying that anyone smart would know that the iPhone 5 was fake? You didn’t know either. 

  • Barton Lynch

    Apple never discloses the RAM, we’ll have to wait for the iFixit teardown

  • Barton Lynch


  • Wayne_Luke

    You can probably thank Samsung for the lack of a new design. By promising countersuits and injunctions against the iPhone 5 the second it goes on sale, they caused a change of tactics by Apple. With the iPhone 4S, it has the same look as the iPhone 4 and simply new hardware. This gives Apple protection against the opening Salvo because they are already selling the design where Samsung will countersue. We’ll see the new design once everything settles down with Samsung.

  • CharliK

    Hardly. if they wanted to release a new design they would have. 

  • CharliK

    My theory. They created said shape as a test for either the iPhone or more likely the iPod touch. had a few units actually built for testing and ultimately rejected it. 

    But someone wanting to make a buck, snatched the details and sold them either before the final vote was made or simply not mentioning that it had been rejected. If someone cried foul they could always say that Apple pulled a switch at the last minute and how were they to know. 

    The other theory being that this was never really a contender and Apple had it planted to try to sniff out the leak

  • Chris Alexander

    I just watched the presentation in it’s entirety….never once is Siri mentioned as being “Exclusive to the 4s”…I imagine it will run faster and smoother on the 4s, but after watching, I believe it is part of iOS 5 and will be released Oct. 12.  this was also confirmed with an Apple employee at 9:35 EST.

  • Chris Killen

    what the hell are you gonna do with 12 iPhones?

  • minimalist1969

    The Macbook air is used in one direction and one orientation only.  iOS devices must function in any orientation.   And the macbook air is indeed symmetrical about the middle axis (camera, keyboards, speakers, trackpad, and even the screws on the back)

  • twitter-21974547

    Believe what you may about where this unicorn came from, but I can tell you that the first thing you learn when doing business in China is trust no one. The fact of the matter is that opportunistic greed is a sad fact within that society at this time. This is all I have to say. 

    And yes, I’m Chinese and I don’t trust my people.

  • Connor Morales

    It was from Photo Stream. 

  • Leon

    Ha!!… I pretty much predict all of this with some friends, I even bet 300 bucks that Apple will announce one phone, same design, the name 4S and just upgraded guts like the 3G and 3GS, and now I have 300 bucks to use for an upgrade, apps or accessories, wohoo!!

    I can’t believe how much effort, how much time and how much imagination was used from all around the internet to predict the next iPhone. But honestly I really hoped for a different design or a bigger screen but now that the mystery has finally been reveled, now I’m sure that next year will be the real deal, meanwhile I’m happy with my iPhone 4 ^_^

    Take on that fanboys, hehehe =P

    The only thing that I’m dying for is to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 5.

  • adamjayreid

    I agree.  The iPhone 5 is real, and obviously people have seen it.  Thats why companies bet so heavily on it and why there were seemingly independent reports as to its design.  Why didn’t they release it?  My guess is they didn’t feel they needed to.  Also could be that to increase screen size they need 1080p mobile screens, and they didn’t want to go down in PPI by making the screen larger with the same resolution.  Either way, this is not the way to expand past the 5% as they indicated they were trying to do

  • Theyseeyoutrollin

    Articles like this just encourage me even further that Cult of Mac has some of the biggest fanboys for writers, ever. Apple could release a potato and say it was a magical and revolutionary device, and you guys would love it. 

    Wasn’t this the site that found a psychological purpose behind the iCloud logo? … 

  • globalwad

     I’m very surprised Apple would even hold a press event for such an incremental refresh of a nearly two year old phone. The iP4 is dated looking as of today with it’s 3.5″ screen, why would someone enter into a two year contract to end up with a 4+ year old device that your kid would get laughed at for carrying by then? Like someone just now getting out of contract lock with the original 2007 iphone. Not in today’s market, no way.
    Siri? Please. Just add that to the list of amazing stuff that never get’s used. That will enjoy it’s new home right over in no-man’s land, with it’s new friend Facetime.
    Newstand? lol
    Or should we cover the other new features announced today that Android has had since 2009? Sad.

    Today’s event will probably end up being a historical event for Apple, but for the wrong reasons. Look like Jobs saw the writing on the wall when he pulled his own plug. I can’t imagine him ever allowing this.

  • JohnDoe

    That’s what wishfull thinking gets you. After 16 months it’s really unfathomable that the best company would really try to sell the same phone twice. Almost as if they did this on purpose so that first Tim Cook presentation would go into history as bullshit. The fact that I’m getting used to their way of doing business (i.e. 3G = 3Gs, 4 = 4s, iPad = 3Gs, iPad2 = 4s) doesn’t  help in waiting yet another year for that 4″ screen and 4G (I was already surprised 16 months ago that iPhone 4 didn’t get a bigger screen)

  • Dante Fiero

    Dude, of course they’re fanboys. Their site is called “Cult of Mac.”

  • Idongetit

    This upgrade should have been obvious. Iphone 3 to 3gs, ipad to ipad 2 (yes there was a slight redesign, slimmer isn’t really major, but basically it was an upgrade with some added features-seriously, how often is the camera used?). Apple has a history of upgrading new designs the year following a release of a new model and then releasing the new one the following year. Doesn’t matter what they call it. there’s no need for a major upgrade so frequently if the current model is basically selling well. Why not milk it as long as possible, makes perfect business sense. And if Apple’s focus is to make the best, then it gives them an opportunity to see what the competition is doing and decide what works and what doesn’t. Not everything awesome and latest works well. Look at HTC and the problems with sense UI. And what good is the latest and greatest if your battery life sucks. I bet apple looks at all this and works how to get the best user experience from existing and newer tech, while at the same time studying battery life effects

    As for siri, i spend a lot of time in traffic so this really is useful. If i can get the phone to read me my messages and let me reply via voice, that’s a feature i want. I always wanted that and apple answered. I tried using dragon dictate, but that still requires me to take my eyes off the road to start recording and transfer to sms. I like voice control and use it a lot, but have to admit that if it wasn’t for all the driving i do, i probably wouldn’t use it, or siri. Obviously this is a niche market feature and looks like apple is trying to cater to road warriors. Not every feature will be useful to everyone, obviously. Anyway, hope siriis a software upgrade, which i think it will be, unless there is something special with the 4s mic since software is most likely the guts of siri.

    I own the iphone 4, but won’t be getting the 4s, which i think is to attract first movers and new customers. Besides why bother when the iphone 5 (an expected major change) will be next year along with the ipad 3 (also expected to be a major change). Getting the iphone 4s would be like upgrading a i3 mbp the following year just cause the new one has i5. I’d be broke real quickif i kept doing that

  • Honyant

    If Apple had called it iPhone 5 all these nay sayers would have been happy and thought it was streets ahead of the competition. They are just upset that it is a minor upgrade to the name and not a major revision to the next big number.

  • RaycerXray

    Yep. I think the iPhone 4S would’ve gone over better if they’d released it after 12 months. Then it would be a more understandable upgrade. But nearly a year and half later and this is the best they can muster. Specs that (at best) match current Android phones.Total BS. The Android phones will be ever more souped up in a couple of months and far surpass the iPhone 4S. Will we have to wait another year and half to get….well, who knows. 

    What is Apple with that 70 billion bucks in the bank. Not hiring developers and engineers, it seems like.

  • RaycerXray

    And lots of us “fanboys” are not happy at all about the iPhone 4S.

  • Honyant

    Let’s not restrict that sentiment to Chinese business or society.

  • Greenthrash

    My thought is that after the initial uproar with the iPhone 4 and the antenna issues, Apple started manufacturing upgraded components to fix the issue. Then they realized that if they just slipped the updated model into production, those with the faulty antenna design would be pissed off. So they held onto the parts and are now using them for the iPhone 4s. If not for that antenna debacle, we would probably be seeing a more drastically redesigned iPhone right now.

    I don’t see any other logical reason for not doing more of a drastic redesign. The iPhone 4 looks like a brick compared to some of the other phones out there right now.

  • Primo

    Easy to say everything in hindsight. But I don’t get your argument on how Apple benefits from leaking false information. In any case, I’m a happy iPhone 4 user. Which means my phone still holds its value a little longer. =)

  • Lol

    It was fugly anyway.

  • baby_Twitty

    i GOT 2 things right in my past comments. 

    1) There will be NO Tear drop design. That thing just look shiit and awkward.

    2) and there will be no Evil Facebook integration. Mark Zuckerberg is a sucker and Apple will never let FB get access to its iOS user database so easily.

  • iDaBoss

    sounds logical. they’re just taking their time to maximize profits

  • neodoru

    I’m betting it was htc/samsung’s hand. There are lots and lots of dissappointed dudes that were expecting a bigger screen and they will look somewhere else… and guess who has bigger screens?!? I’ve said that a couple of days ago :)

  • Anipz Raymond

    Some people thinks that they’re smarter than Apple…


  • Anipz Raymond

    Some people thinks that they’re smarter than Apple…


  • globalwad

    Samsung Galaxy S II here I come….

  • neodoru

    Dudes, u don’t get it… There’s no current phone on the market that has such a powerful processor as the a5. The next competitor, the gallaxy2 has half that power. Not to mention that android has a long way to go to reach iphone’s quality app market.

  • John

    A different size screen never made sense.  Part of apple’s genius with their iOS platform is how apps so easily have forwards and backwards compatibility.  Think of the stupid changes that need to be made to an App due to different screen sizes, even if the screen is the same dimension.  This has been a huge challenge for the Android market since they dont have uniformity among different models.  

    Form factor may or not change with the next phone, most likely will change a bit not because it is better form factor but because it distinguishes the phone from previous models.  Apple has always done simple form changes after a couple of generations of their desktop models to signify the newest and greatest version.  

    The biggest challenge they face is what will Android bring in the next year.  These are features that will surely be toped this calendar year.  If they wait another 16 months to release the next phone this will be a huge failure for Apple, however if they release a new phone beginning of next summer than they might be in a good position.  There has been plenty of discussions about how Apple is hesitant to release products with technology that is still too new (NFC, 4G, etc).  But in less than a year those will all be established and prime for integration into an Apple product.  

    Apple is right in keeping facebook out of their system, and hopefully they will be able to get google out of their map software soon too.  Both of those companies would/do gain so much from learning about the mobile computing platform user.  Apple still hasnt really solidified its place in the ad world, and these two companies are their direct competitors.  Apple’s two biggest threats for the foreseeable future are Google and Facebook (Microsoft is fading fast unless they can turn Windows 8 into a hit).  Google is a threat for their computing platform, and facebook is a threat for the media/content services.  Amazon is mostly just an annoyance right now (If they obtain their own operating system for their tablets, then they will be a threat).    

    Apple has sustained incredible growth in the last many years largely a result of the iPod and ensuing mobile platform, but this growth is not sustainable.  The market is becoming saturated with mobile phones and media players, they need a new direction with their software which makes people stay with their products. People are not going to buy new phones every year just to have the latest and greatest gadgets as much as they used to. Hopefully iCloud and Siri will be the future driving force for this company.  

  • Sevan grim

    lol. Have i said that i hate your articles?
     hows about this? a bunch of fanboys and girls try to make iphone mock ups that look convincing (why?  because this is what they do with their free time). when one looks good enough, other idiots on the internet see the picture and say “wow! this must be a concept design for the next iphone”!
      These people then promptly repost the image/video all over the interwebs, convincing others of their same misconception.
     across the spectrum, businesses who are Super-eager to jump on the iphone bandwagon (because they have no creative ability or actual purpose other than to build products for other peoples products) scrounge around for anything that can give them something to do. Low and behold, this fake iphone mock up has 50million likes, and a dozen so-called “Insiders” have pretended that its legit. Soooooo…. the companies (who Apple wont talk to because they have a habit of leaking information) build a billion of these cases to get ahead of the competition… who is doing the same thing.
      the end result is a whole world feeding off its own bullshit, all because everyone would rather be the first to have information or make a quick buck than ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT THE BUSINESS. (you know… like all the million reasons why there would NOT have been a 5. I knew them 2 months ago. no one else did?)

    …but no. Your theory on inter-Chines phone case company espionage is sooooo much smarter. Good Job.

  • Jalva1986

    please inform us what would have made you happy? this upgrade puts the iPhone even more ahead of another phone. Why would you downgrade to the nexus. What is it about the nexus that you would like over the iPhone 4?

  • redmosquito535

    Cry more people. 

    “wahhhhhh wahhhh we waited 16 months for this? waaahhhhhhhh it doesn’t have an ugly tear shaped design, give me blow jobs or print me money waaahhhhhhh”   
    oh god forbid a new toy isn’t everything you wished it was. I’m sure the homeless guy with no food can’t believe this $199 toy doesn’t have a bigger screen either. 

    There’s a reason it has a 3.5″ screen. it’s because of your thumb, so when held one handed you can still access the whole screen.

    minor spec bumps? the way its designed provides download speeds as fast as all the Droid 4G phones, except with it on 3G you’ll save at least 20$ a month not buying a bogus 4G plan. You sheeple will buy anything if it simply has a higher number next to it. “oh man 4G is way better than 3G” 

    Siri is bringing features that tv/films/comics have imagined for years. 
    The camera will be incredible. My iPhone4 with 5 megapixels takes better picture than most droids my friends have as is. 4S can completely replace and improve on pretty much any point and shoot.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. 
    If you want a bigger screen go get a droid and enjoy an ugly UI and malware ridden OS
    If you think a phone should be designed differently, then go do it. 

  • JAy C

    why? cause of the screen? have you seen how big a 4.52 inch screen is? how uncomfortable it is? what would have made you happy? What is it about the Galaxy that will make you downgrade from the iPhone 4? this upgrade just puts the iPhone even more ahead of others

  • Reasoner5

    You are spouting completely trollish BS.

  • Millard Fillmore

    What do I think happened?  I’ll tell you what my friends in the media (AP, CBS, other places) told me after the presentation: Apple is now being run by people who can’t control their own story.  The iPhone 5 rumor should have been quashed by Apple immediately.  Instead, Apple decided that talk of an iPhone 5 helped the hype.  Instead, though, Apple wound up announcing a “lesser” iPhone.  The headline out of this wasn’t Apple Announces New iPhone.  The headline was Apple Disappoints.  Is that really what Apple wanted?

    It doesn’t matter how good the iPhone 4S is.  The follow-up coverage this product introduction gets will only hurt Apple.  This was the first post-Jobs product debut, and Apple blew it big-time.  Learn to control your message, Tim.  Steve knew how.  Read the g.d. memo.

  • Figurative

    Many of these cases are form-fitting designs that require exact dimensions of the outer shell.  And not those simplistic CAD style drawings we saw with just a few dimensions.  No, they would have needed complete CAD data of the 3D model, or drawings with exhaustive dimensions for every little radius.  So, the question remains…  Where did these case makes get the data to make these cases and why did they think it was real and not bogus? And who benefitted from this amazing charade? Well maybe some Chinese case maker did, but it’s also not unrealistic to think this could have been arranged by one of Apple’s phone competitors – just to piss off the fan base.

  • Figurative


  • Figurative

    Uhhh…  In case you hadn’t noticed they were talking about iPhones today and not iPads.  Jeeze.

  • Figurative

    So, in addition to these bogus cases everywhere what about the bogus inventory listing posts?  I assume these were all non-Apple based and counterfeit?

  • sault

    It´s a long time ago that i don´t believe a word from the “gurus”, included you. Have the same probability off success as my ass.

  • Leon

    Now that the new iPhone has been announced, I’m pretty sure many people are now more excited for the iOS 5 on their iDevices than getting the new iPhone, lolz, unless “Siri” becomes the 4S exclusive feature then is gonna get tempting on upgrading.

    But what did we learn from this my dear fanboys??

    2008 > iPhone 3G > :D
    2009 > iPhone 3GS > :(
    2010 > iPhone 4 > :D
    2011 > iPhone 4S > :(
    2012 > iPhone 5 > :D
    2013 > iPhone 5S > :(
    and so on…

  • Figurative

    @ Chris Alexander – Amazing.  Every aspect of the phone changed – except.. the most static component of all..  the outer casing.  Minor spec update?  Really?  You’re actually equating this to a mere speed bump?  Your post just doesn’t have the ring of truth when you claim to own almost every apple product but yet still call your peers “fanboys”.  I smell a Android.

  • Steven Chaffer

    Fun times. I’m happy with the new 4s. Bitching gets us no-where.

  • Porkbamoo

    Most people are saying something along the lines of, ” boo-hoo I’m so disappointed… But I’ll probably get one anyway.” I’m sure this is all just a storm in a teacup. It’s not as bad as the antennagate issue, and everyone seems to have gotten over that pretty quickly. Also, once they get used to these new features & performance, they won’t look back.

  • Bob Forsberg

    I don’t buy the premise, those fooled where smart people…more like jr. high school girls looking to see who has the inside scoop on the HS quarterbacks penile statistics. If you report known factual data and leave the guessing to the less than smart people, Apple and CultofMac will be better for it.

  • thelarssan

    You think small upgrades are disappointing? Why don’t just be happy that the iPhone exists. And maybe adding an “S” is better than jumping between big numbers. I mean, iPhone 7-8-9-10-11. That sounds a little too fast if you ask me.

  • None

    Apple’s website comparison between 4 and 4s shows the iPhone 4 will not receive Siri.

  • Jay

    Apple’s comparison chart on their website confirms it will NOT be available on 3GS or 4, only 4s. I takes real gumption to state your unfounded opinions as fact, you should get a job reporting on CoM, they seem to do this fairly often.

  • Nightfear

    I think that Apple run out of ideas. Apple has people to work on the iOS (and we see major updates through the iOS versions) but not people to work on a awesome design. So instead of asking everyone how they WANT the new iPhone they started a myth of iPhones so that people (stupid in my opinion) with great ideas make design for Apple to choose.
    Now if you go back in time to the good years of computers when the computer was not only a machine but a friend or an unexplorered world, you can see that people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates were visioning things like “unlimited storage database” or “wireless sync” but the technology was not good enough. Now we have the technology but we run out of evolutionary ideas so what we do ?? We open the old drawers and we read the notes we used to have as students.
    Every empire which is build only in material will fall. Today is microsoft, tomorrow apple, the day after htc, samsung, nokia (remember nokia be fore 10 years, used to rule the mobile world).

  • twitter-218300945

    Excuse me I am not a boy and if liking the first iPhone 3gs that I could afford and needed makes me a fan than so be it. Sheesh each to his own.  I have the phone I love and can afford. That’s that. 

  • _mcat

    If you look at iPhone history a new iPhone is launched around summer when most peoples contracts are up. Around summer ’11 the WHITE iPhone4 finally made a show; as sales were still VERY strong for iPhone4 it makes commercial sense not to rock the boat and bring out the 4S then as it would mean lots of 4 stock.

    I think the iPhone5 was never on the cards until summer ’12 the 4S was always planned but got delayed because of the white 4 (which gave time to speed bump it further).

    To those that wanted a bigger screen on the iPhone there is one it’s called the iPad – why would apple make the 4S bigger and reduce the iPad cash cow? I think in summer ’12 we will see the new iPhone5 with a bigger screen and thinner body and the iPad3 with a power boost and MUCH thinner lighter body.


  • twitter-218300945

    Why would you if you already have an iPhone? I’m happy with mine and don’t buy the newest thing out when what I have I love and is good for me. 

  • Capn

    “It’s because Jonny Ive would dismiss the design as ugly and stupid in a heart beat.”

    How hard is it to remember that Ive spells his name “Jony”? Eh, Jon Brownley?

  • Cliff Stabbert

    One word: disinformation.

    From Apple.

    Because what really matters is Siri, which needed lots of training – lots of users trying it – to get past the threshold, and which will sell a billion iPhones. As the numbers go up, Siri gets smarter faster.

    Are people disappointed right now? Yep, a lot of them. Two weeks from now, noone will care.

  • JP Jay

    Ok, here’s my theory. And thus the reason why I’m gonna hold out for the iPhone 5. I believe that Apple has been in the process of making the iPhone 5. However, they’re not close to the deadline they first envisioned because lets face, theres a lot that goes into a new design and getting those components into a thinner phone is harder than people think. 

    So because of public demand, Apple decided to introduce the iPhone 4s with a spec bump (which initially they didn’t plan to introduce). But because they’re so behind schedule with the iPhone 5, they had no choice but to drop an improved version of the iPhone 4. 

    I’m not buying into the fact it took them 16 months to make a couple of hardware upgrades when the technology has already been there for a long time. They could have debuted this phone on the regularly scheduled 1 year increment they have been doing the past 4 years. 

    I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 6 months we see the iPhone 5 hit the market. 

  • Glen Humplik

    Everything about the galaxy s II is better than the iPhone 4. Look at ALL of it’s specifications & don’t judge before you even know what it is mate. This upgrade falls behind vastly actually, NOT ahead. The sales are already behind Android this past year. I’m an Apple fan boy to the max, but even I can admit when something is clearly better & when someone has dropped the ball.
    Just cuz it has an Apple on it does not make it superior to the rest, you should really look into reading a bit more about other forms of existing technology. Cheers

  • bm

    Although Apple surely has already been hard at work creating the iPhone5, and, for that matter the iPhone6, the 4S is a very significant *software* upgrade, along with a large spec-bump and a lot of new services. Software is really hard, as are services. And I gather a large amount of effort was put into the new camera, and also into the software-side of the antenna.

    If you compare iPhone – iPhone 3G – 3GS – 4 – 4S this is clearly a larger-than-normal improvement. The already superb user satisfaction statistics will improve even further. And user satisfaction really drives the sales, rather than the various kinds of Apple pixie-dust many people attribute it to.

  • Asde

    You’re amazing!

  • Nightfear

    “Wait and see” is my answer to Apple that in 2 weeks noOne will care. I care and thousands (million) iphone4 holders. The improvements are so minimal that i’ll NOT buy the iphone4S. If the design was new plus that the improvements were smarter and coolest than HTCs Samsung etc, then i should buy the iphoneX. I’m with apple hardware many years but we have to face that other companies are ahead in hardware. ONLY iOS is making the deference in iphone. The software is making the machine. If the developers go to android and correct all the problems then the answer is the same as the CEO of SE said:
    “We Should Have Taken the iPhone More Seriously”.
    So “We Should Have Taken the Android More Seriously”. The ONLY thing that dropped apple to my eyes is that Apple didn’t come out to stop the rumors about iPhone 5.
    Sorry Apple you disappoint me.

  • Guest

    LOL that’s just stupid. You know they have the world’s greatest designteam lead by Jonathan Ive, right? And btw, all the iPhone/iPad mockups we’ve seen through history haven’t looked ANYTHING like the actual iPhones/iPads Apple has been releasing. Go troll somewhere else…

  • berendsrob

    Yeah, because the recently released MacBook Airs are clearly underdesigned, as is the iPad 2… 

  • Nightfear

    OK I agree with you. Explain me why are you here today trying to figure out what was that APPLES’ FIASCO yesterday. If the normal – logical answer of all the members here satisfies you then try the fantastic – sci-fi answers that i’m giving. I read ALL the posts and ALL answers everyone is writing because everyone has an opinion.

  • IPhone4sVSgalaxySii

    That’s not truly correct though, is it. Most of the Galaxy S II specs are greater than the iPhone 4s but not “ALL”!

    Furthermore specs are not the full story, one phone could have a significantly faster CPU and greater RAM etc. but if the phones implantation is poor (i.e.the other circuitry as well as the software) these ‘specs’ are irrelevant it will still won’t perform as well as the lower spec’d phone.

    My opinion will be formed once I can see and hold an iPhone 4s with iOS 5 and compare it to a galaxy s ii. Not by which phone has the biggest numbers!

    Let’s face it, two great phones with great features. For the most part it comes down to personal preference!

  • Shaun

    Not everybody got it wrong. I predicted on here and other sites back in May that they would bring out an iPhone 4S this year. Apple has a clear policy – external upgrades one year, internal upgrades the next and so on.

    I think the iPhone 4S was due to be released in June but iOS 5 wasn’t anywhere near ready so they decided to wait.

    The iPhone 5 with an all new design will come out next year in June.

    As for the cases – Apple is known for making various prototypes to see design options, so I think somebody got hold of a prototype of a possible iPhone 5 and used it to make a shed load of money selling it to the case manufacturers. That simple.

  • _mcat

    Software in conjunction with hardware is why people are with Apple? Well it is for me any case.

    Mac specs is a WAAAAAY lower than most current PC’s however they handle the tasks they are built for better that the higher spec PC machines because of the software. I would say the same is true of the iPhone.

  • MacHead

    You are crazy if you think a new iphone comes out before sept of next year. Apple moved the iPhone to fall to coincide with iPod Touch refreshes. They are similar enough devices to demand the same release date. 

  • dwplay11

    A lot of us are too busy thinking like our android friends. Yes the iPhone 5 was cool. and Yes we all were a little disappointed. But this iPhone is sweet! iOS 5 is sweet! Siri is sweet! Apples ecosystem is Sweet! wipe your last tear and be HAPPY!

  • cliqsquad

    Apple keeps a design for 2 generations, the early adopters get the design and the early specs. When the contract is up for those they will get redesign again. The non early adopters get the beefier specs and more robust software features in the second generation of a design. It prevents Apple from alienating the average Joe’s that bought the new design to prevent them from feeling like crap a new mind blowing design came a year after they just got the last. 

    You really don’t think someone that locked into a contract over the summer is a little bit more relaxed that they are only missing a few new features rather than a whole new phone? The ones that have to have every generation will.

  • cliqsquad

    “The iPhone 5 rumor should have been quashed by Apple immediately.”

    Why would Apple do that? They never comment on products they have in the pipeline nor do they comment on rumors. 

  • Starfox

    Come on, in what universe a 4″ iPhone would hurt iPad sales ? That’s pure BS.

  • Starfox

    They have the WSJ.

  • Nightfear

    I agree with “dwplay11”. Lets get Happy and wait … already the h@cker t3am are unlocking the S1r1 for the iphone4. Stand by for the summer …

  • Mike L

    Why were any of us fooled into believing there was a larger home button? What would be the point of that?

  • Chris Alexander

    SO how does this theory work with iPad? iPad 2 was complete redesign…

  • Fools Gold

    This Hard Candy guys full of it.  I read first that he spent all this money and made 50,000 cases and then today that he’s not made any but spent $10,000 on molds and WILL make a few thousand to keep in HK.  Seems not only is he a liar and unethical but is stupid to make cases for a phone that is now confirmed to not exist.  If i were an investor in that company i would get this talking monkey back in the zoo before he ruins this company.

  • Nightfear

    Maybe the iPhone 4S was made for Steve (S is for Steve) and we will face a new iPhone during this year.

  • hisshadow

    What the hell happened? How were people so wrong?

    Because you have a vacuum of hard information filled by speculation, daydreaming and outright fantasy. You are part and parcel of a virtual echo chamber that does little else than promote it’s own content, endlessly cycling guesses and wishing until referral to your own ravings are considered confirmation and the cycle begins again with a new round of guesses and wish fulfilment based on the old. 

    Your “sources” >snerk< don’t understand Apple, product development, business cycles, supply chain management or consumer demand.

    Ultimately, it can be boiled down to the complete lack of maturity that characterizes much of what passes for “journalism” in the Apple centric blogoshpere.

  • hisshadow

    “an incremental refresh of a nearly two year old phone.”

    Really? You are surprised by an incremental refresh when the overwhelming majority of upgrades across all product lines are incremental refreshes?

    There are 24 months in two years. In what calendrical system does 10 months short of two years constitute “nearly”?

    Here’s why you and many others are bewildered and disappointed by the iPhone 4S: because you are stupid.

  • hisshadow

    Again, what fucking planet do you live on that 14 months equals two or more years?  And how is the continuation of the 4 design in any way shocking given the 3G/3GS scenario?

    Fo fucks sake you people are stupid.