Here’s a Breakdown of Everything Apple Announced Today at “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event


iphone 4s

Confused by the whirlwind of Apple news from today’s Let’s Talk iPhone event? Don’t worry. We got a quick break down of all the new stuff Apple released today, including details on the iPhone 4S, Siri, iPod Nano and the highly anticipated Cards app.

iPhone 4S – Looks just like the iPhone 4 but the guts have been revamped for speed. The  new A5 chip (Same chip in the iPad 2), has a dual-core CPU making it 2x as fast at CPU tasks. Graphic performance on the iPhone 4S will be Up to 7x faster in the previous iPhone. 8 hours of 3G talk time, 14 hours of 2G talk time, 6 hours on 3G browsing. Also of note, the wireless system in the phone has been updated to include two separate antenna. iPhone 4S can intelligently switch between antennas to transmit and receive. This will lead to improved call quality and 2X faster download speeds (Apple was calling it 4G speeds, but we’ll save you the debate on what is and isn’t true 4G).

iPhone 4S is a world phone with both CDMA and GSM capabilities. The camera has been improved to an 8MP sensor (that’s a 3264×2448 resolution). 60% increase of pixels from the iPhone 4 camera. Added a backside illuminated sensor that increases light performance of camera by 73%. Better color accuracy and uniformity have also been added thanks for hybrid IR filter and five element lens. Face detection and improved shutter speed. The camera on the iPhone 4S will be the best on any cellphone on the market. To make it even better, Apple added 1080p video capture. Real time video stabilization and temporal noise reduction will allow users to capture professional quality HD video.

Another feature for the iPhone 4S is AirPlay Mirroring. Now you can watch videos or play games on your big screen. You can connect your iPhone wirelessly to your Apple TV, or buy an attachment to hook it up with wires (no word yet on price of cable we saw).

The iPhone 4S will come in three versions, 16GB for $199, 32Gb for $299 and 64GB for $399 with both black and white an available color at launch. Preorders on October 7th.Available October 14th.

Siri – The intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. Simply hold down the home button and Siri will listen and find an answer for you. Users can ask Siri a real question, in real language, and get an answer. Siri will read new messages, check if you have any conflicting appointments and capture your voice-to-text response. Make appointments just by talking, or have Siri pull up directions to an address just by speaking. “Gets better” as it learns your voice. Requires a 3G or Wifi data connection. Supports English, French and German (was really hoping Tagalog would be included) Exclusive to the iPhone 4S, though we’re not sure why, other than to sell new phones. Only explanation I can think of is because Siri requires a data connection maybe Apple is worried the older iPhones don’t have fast enough data to make it work seamlessly.


iPod Nano – UI changes have been implemented to make navigation easier. Apple improved the fitness experience so you don’t need to go to Foot Locker and buy a Nike+ sensor for your running, you can start running right out of the box. Plug iPod Nano into your Mac after a run and it will update Nike+ with all your workout data. 16 new clock faces for people who like to wear their nano as a watch (including a Mickey Mouse face). iPod nano is 8GB for $129, and 16GB for $149. Available today

iPod Touch  didn’t get much love other than a price drop and a new color. Sounds like the iPod Touch is keeping all the same internal specs. It will support iOS 5 but won’t include Siri. Price has been reduced to $199 for 8GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB. Available on October 12.


iPhone 4 – now $99 for 8gb

iPhone 3GS – free with a two year contract (supports iOS 5)

.iOS 5 – Apple pretty much gave a recap of their WWDC keynote regarding iOS 5. They reviewed features like  Notification Center, Camera, News Stand, Twitter Integration, iMessage, Reminders, Safari Reader, Mail, and wireless sync. iOS 5 will be supported on iPhone 4 & 3GS, iPad 1 & 2. Drops on October 12th as a free update for all.

Find My Friends – a new location tracking app similar to Google Latitude except better. You can share location for just a few hours by creating a temporary event an invite friends. Location sharing ends at the end of the preset time so you don’t get creeped out knowing your friends can tell when you’re sitting at Golden Coral stuffing your face with  mashed potatoes.

iTunes Match – No new features were announced, but Apple said that it won’t available till the end of October.

Cards app – You choose the pic, Apple will print it and even mail it automatically and you’ll even get a push notification for when the card is delivered.

Infinity Blade 2 – comes out December 2nd. New features. Customizable weapons.


  • ralphtweety

    Yeah so, uhm…  I guess I’ll go ahead and buy a 4th generation Touch, but Apple better not come out with a major hardware update, i.e., Dual A5 chip set, any sooner than next spring – or I might get upset or something.  Really though, why the heck didn’t they do a processor upgrade for the Touch?!  Are people really gonna decide not to buy an iPhone just because there’s a Touch with the same chip set?  I don’t see that.  People who buy iPhones and people who buy Touchs are completely different animals…  I’m a Touch animal and will only begin even sort of considering an iPhone when Apple get’s 4G in their workflow, and probably still won’t buy an iPhone anyway.  Jeepers-maleepers.  Do they really think they’re gonna seduce me into an iPhone4S because that’s they only way I’ll get a major processor upgrade, (which I really want by the way)?

    Well, I’m still on a 1st gen Touch and I gotta upgrade – and I am not very happy.  Most people may not get very jazzed about internal hardware upgrades that effect minor little things like getting things done up to 7x faster, but I do – very much so.  Actually the more I think about it the more bummed I get so I’m gonna stop thinking about it.  This time next year when they come out with the multi-core A5 Touch I’ll sell my one year old, 64GB, 4th gen Touch for $300 on eBay and buy what I should be buying this year next year.

    This really isn’t good.  And to add the proverbial straw to all of that I’m one of those sulky Pro Final Cut Studio users who is already in a profound state of unhappiness about that whole fiasco.  Windows still isn’t going in any direction that even comes close to allowing me to imagine using that mess – so like Jim Carry in Liar Liar says:  “… I guess I’ll just piss and moan and take it up the tail pipe.”

  • haineux

    So, to do any voice recognition takes a lot of CPU. Even if you use a special microphone, and make sure it’s positioned just so, and even if you force the user to spend an hour “training” the recognizer, it takes a lot of CPU.

    Google’s voice recognition, therefore, is pretty darn good, since it requires no special training, no special microphone. But Google has several tricks up their sleeve — they know where you are, what time it is, what other people are searching for, etc. (And, of course, they are making guesses about you, personally.) All of these tricks mean that they’re only partially “recognizing” your speech — they’re mostly “making a really good guess and then verifying it.” (Also, they might be sending waveforms, some of the time, up to The GooglePlex to allow fancier computers to chew on the data.)

    But Google Voice handles one kind of request: “Search the web for information about…”

    Siri handles a lot more kinds of requests. So one of the first things that Siri has to do, is figure out what the request is about: Appointment? Contact? Web Search? Email message?

    Once it has a pretty good idea what the request is, THEN it can use the kinds of tricks that Google does. That’s why Siri is a lot harder to do.

    In addition, Apple is doing recognition in three languages, instead of one. That more than triples the work. A lot more.

    I can’t wait to try it. I just hope people don’t go all “Newton Poetry” on it:

    Or even if they do, I hope Apple keeps at it. My wife’s Lexus does very primitive speech recognition (at any given time, it decides which of 10 words is the one you said), and even at that level, it’s a life saver — literally. My wife, bless her soul, simply must talk on the phone while driving. This way, her hands never leave the steering wheel.

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