What Do You Think Apple Will Unveil At Today’s iPhone Event? [Reader Poll]


We’ve got just under three and a half hours to go until Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event kicks off (which of course we’ll be covering live). In the mean time, here’s your chance to sound off: what do you expect to see Apple announce today? If you don’t see our answer on your poll, hit the comments and fill us in with your best predictions.

Deals of the Day

  • vaughnscioli

    just want the ios5 …thats all that i want at least. 

  • Wane

    None of above… iPhone 4s and iOS 5

  • Greg

    iOS 5 is unlikely to be rolling out today, us developers still haven’t seen the gold master. There will be a few more betas after the event to integrate with Facebook and Assistant I think before it goes live.

  • Chris Killen

    they are above. you’re able to vote for more than one thing ;)

  • Chepe

    Here in Boston, one of the radio stations has been promoting the iPhone 5 all morning, “iPhone 5 with new thin aluminum body.” Found it weird, since there hasn’t been any confirmation that is #5.

  • MacGoo

    Assistant will steal the show. Heck, it’s the FOCUS. “Let’s talk iPhone”? More like “Let’s talk, iPhone.”

  • Hampus

    I’m expecting an iPhone 4s or really a device that looks like the iPhone 4 and has higher specs, name doesn’t really matter. Also seem like we might see this assistant feature, with all the rumours around it…

    If we do see an iPhone 5 or don’t think it would have a teardrop shape, that would be a stupid shape for a device which is often used in both portrait and landscape orientation, Apple aren’t know for being stupid.

    I do not think Apple will announce a new budget iPhone, I just don’t see why when they have the iPhone 4 or even 3Gs if they want to go really cheap (while old it sure would beat the real low end free on a 10€\month contract android phones out there).