Find Out How Much Sleep You’ve Lost Thinking About the New iPhones With This New Appcessory



Just like their older system, Zeo’s new Sleep Manager Mobile tracks your sleep patterns using a transmitter worn on the forehead while sleeping that relays your sleep state to a receiver. Only Zeo’s new gadget transmits the data directly to the iPhone.

 The Sleep Manager tracks brainwaves through the headband and can tell whether you’re awake, sleeping lightly, heavily or in REM sleep; then the device sends the data in realtime to your iPhone through a Bluetooth connection. We’ve been messing about with the older system (it sends data to a clock-like base unit that displays the info on its own monochrome LCD screen) and it’s an uncanny experience to see my sleep patterns mapped out in front of me.

The Sleep Manager Mobile is $99, and ships at the end of the month (though it’s available for pre-order now).

  • kennethwedmorelund

    I’ve been using the old one for 6 months and it’s worth every penny – and THEN some :)

    Now I ordered the new system because it’s easier not to have to switch SD-cards between the old unit and a computer :)

  • larry depetrillo

    if you don’t like wearing a headband to bed you can get a peel and stick version so that only the chip is on your forehead – in effect they shrunk a sleep lab down to the size of a quarter that you stick on your head.