The iPhone 5 Expected to “Shatter” Single Day Sales Record



There is a bombastic upstate New York car dealer who loves to say his auto sales are “huge.” However, the first day of iPhone 5 sales expected to start this week, could redefine the definition. The enormous “pent up demand” for the new iPhone will “shatter” Apple’s previous one-day sales record of 1.7 million handsets, according to a Wall Street analyst.

There are two main reasons why the next iPhone — whether iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 — will likely break records for initial sales, according to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White. The first reason is timing. Instead of the usual July launch date, this iPhone was kept under wraps until October. Then there is the reported addition of U.S. carrier Sprint, with 52.1 million subscribers, on top of the current AT&T and Verizon mix. Internationally, talk is that late-stage negotiations are under way with China Mobile, which claims 628 million subscribers.

As a result, Janney Capital Markets analyst Bill Choi tells investors he thinks 84 million iPhones will sell this year and up to 107 million iPhones in 2012. “Apple is well positioned to capture an enormous profit pool as mobility and content worlds converge,” he said Monday.

Just what sort of iPhone should be expect this week from Apple CEO Tim Cook? The handset will “get a complete makeover with a sleek, aluminum unibody enclosure that more closely resembles the MacBook Air than the iPhone 4,” writes White. The new body not only will prevent problems of the glass back breaking, but also let Apple enlarge the display to 4 inches. But this won’t be the only feature update made to stay current with rival smartphones. Also, the iPhone 5 processor could be beefed-up with “at least a Dual Core 1.2GHz” engine and an 8 mega pixel 1080p camera — both aimed at matching the Samsung Galaxy S II, the analyst writes.

We’re not so sure that a completely redesigned iPhone is coming tomorrow, but White sure seems positive. What do you think? iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPhone other? Let us know in the comments.

  • dude

    My god I really hope you are right Mr. White.

  • speedmaster

    Wow, REALLY looking forward to this!!  :-)

  • Steve Jobs

    Please don’t be a 4S. I’m going to be so disappointed if it’s the same friggin’ phone! Ooh look now I can take blurry 8meg photos instead of blurry 5meg ones and it’s now so powerful the buttons actually work to hang up after a call!

    OMFG ! Where do I pre-order?!

  • Bobby Streeter

    Well, I think there will be only one new iPhone, which will be the iPhone 5. Additionally, I think the will have a revamped version of the iPhone 4, which really wouldn’t be new. I am pretty sure and excited that they will have a new one tomorrow!

  • Andrew R. Eltorkey

    If White is right, his iPhone is on me!

  • Ashoka8350

    Check it out:
    $49.00=iPhone4 with 2 yrs contract$399.00=iPhone4 for purchase-Prepaid services
    $99.00=iPhone4S-16GB-2yrs contract$199.00=iPhone4S-32GB-2yrs contract$299.00=iPhone4S-64GB-2yrs contract
    $199.00=iPhone5-16GB-2yrs contract$299.00=iPhone5-32GB-2yrs contract
    iPhone5 with 64GB with other changes in Spring 2012!

    Just wait and see!!

  • tazh89

    am sure every time a new iphone gets released it shatters most records not just single day…its an obvious thing because eveytime they release a new iphone there is more current iphone owners…that rendition of the iphone does look awesome


    It’s huge Rochester! Huuugggeee-cha

  • Barton Lynch

    whatever it is, i’m buying

  • d_n

    This is what I think Apple will unveil:
    1. Contrary to what most of the world is saying, I still believe there will be a totally redesigned, revamped iPhone 5 (rather than an iPhone 4S only) with an ultra-thin & -light, iPad 2-like design closely matching the recent CAD mockups.

    iPhone 5 Specs/Feature List:
    • the A5 dual-core chip found in the iPad 2 (100% certain)
    • 8-mp camera (100% certain)
    • world phone capabilities (100% certain)
    • system-wide voice assistant features, exclusive to iPhone 5 (100% certain)
    • totally revamped antenna design (100% certain)
    • larger screen (90% certain)
    • 1GB RAM to accommodate new iOS 5 features (90% certain)
    • 4G capabilities (70% certain)
    • new 64GB model (55% certain)I believe it will be available to purchase on Oct 14.

    2. Apple will also unveil an “iPhone 4S” which will have a similar, if not the same, design as iPhone 4. This will be instead of selling the iPhone 4 as “last year’s model”. It’ll most likely be quite cheaper than the usual “last year’s model” price at A$719, making it aimed at the lower-end market. It will definitely be a world phone, enabling the same model to be used around the world on both GSM (e.g. Australian networks) & CDMA (SIM card-less) networks.

    iPhone 4S Specs/Feature List:
    • world phone capabilities (100% certain)
    • will come in 8GB only (95% certain)
    • modified antenna design (90% certain)
    • under-clocked A5 dual-core chip (80% certain)
    • cheaper outright price than the usual A$719 (80% certain)