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Will The New iPhone Be Available To Buy Tomorrow? Verizon Sure Seems To Think So.


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Verizon Wireless has reportedly offered staff at its call centers ‘unlimited overtime’ this Tuesday — the day Apple is set to announce its fifth-generation iPhone. Although recent reports claim the device will launch a week or two after the event, Verizon is “expecting something big to drop THAT DAY.”

Macgasm has received information from several sources who claim that Verizon is encouraging its call center staff — those in Salt Lake City at least — to work overtime so that it can cope with the aftermath of Apple’s announcement tomorrow.

Why anyone in their right mind would extend their workday at a call center is beyond me, but it’s clear that Verizon is expecting something big to drop THAT DAY. I honestly was not expecting a product to drop on Tuesday, but just an announcement for something to come later that week/month. However, Verizon appears to be bracing themselves for a lot of orders and device activations.

The report goes on to predict that an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5 will hit shelves on the same day it’s announced in Cupertino, however, I believe that’s wishful thinking.

Even if Apple’s new iPhone doesn’t launch until next week, or the week after that, or even the month after that, carriers the world over are going to receive a flood of calls from eager Apple customers who are desperate to upgrade the second Apple’s announcement hits the headlines. It’s highly likely, then, that Verizon is simply preparing itself for the influx of calls about the new device, and not actually new orders and activations.

It would be great to see the device launch tomorrow, but I just don’t expect that to happen.

What do you think?