Confirmed: Apple Special Event September 5 — Appears To Be iPod/iTunes Update



Apple just sent out invites to a special media event at San Francisco’s Moscone West convention center on September 5 at 10AM — and music is clearly the theme.
There’s been lots of speculation that new iPods are on tap, including stubby, ugly iPod nanos and a touchscreen iPod Touch.

  • Thomas

    I need to get associated with the press, I’d love to go to these events!

  • Michael

    This might be about the right time to rename iTunes, since it now does so much more than just organize/play music (movies, sync service for iPhone, etc.) Any guesses?

  • Okeo

    Wonder if we’ll hear about some AppleTV updates… Jobs referred that there would be more coming this year for the AppleTV at the iMac special event last month…

  • David

    Of more interest for this week is that two major artists have free tracks available in the iTunes store: Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen. Usually the free tracks are from unknowns.

  • stuart

    THe UK music store has just been updated with TV shows at long last – does this mean we can expect the true video ipod next week?