Quebec Man Building a Veritable Fortress of Old Macs



Think you have more old Macs lying around the house than you need? Well that’s probably true, but you likely can’t compete with this veritable fortress of old Macs in Quebec. Vintage Mac lover Cyber@ctif recently posted this picture of his “wall o’ beige” on the RetroMacCast website.

Another twenty or so Compact Macs should complete the outer wall fortification. I particularly like the lone Color Classic standing above the rest on a pillar of ImageWriters and StyleWriters. Must be the Commander.

  • Chris

    It looks as if this guy cleaned out an elementary school a few years back.

  • Allan Robertson

    Looks like he’s selling them

  • mactarkus

    If you act quickly, you can purchase the whole lot:

  • DAvid

    This was offered on ebay a week or so ago as a Mac Museum. Apparently no takers.

  • VotersRights

    The auction ends today, with no takers so far. It’s a $35,000 buy it now. Great collection of Macs very poorly presented in an auction.

    If the seller reads this, he needs to revise the auction to have a better chance selling it next time. I’d advise. 1. Don’t post so many similar photos of the same items. They’re also the cheapest items that have multiple photo’s posted, and the more expensive items have horrible photos that do not focus on them. (TAM, for one). 2. For a huge lot like that, that you’re asking a high price for, the buyer has to know what he’s getting. List every single item. There is no excuse for not doing that. 3. Write a nice auction. Explain what they are getting. Then add something to make it more interesting, perhaps your story of how you got into Macs and your collection grew so large. People find that interesting, put it in the auction. If you can’t write it yourself, ask a friend or pay someone to do it. It shouldn’t be a novel. The exact list of what is included is 99% of it, and I mean EXACT list. Nobody buys a car sight unseen and told only, “this is a nice car with a lot of nice features.” What are the features? Well, with your auction, what is included?

    So, better pictures, especially of the high end Macs. Exact inventory of what is included. Better auction description.

    You could also use GarageSale for Mac to make a great looking auction and not pay eBay fees for multiple pictures.

  • ken147

    yea he originally wanted $50,000 for it and then relisted it for 35,000.

  • Phil

    So here’s the thing, I don’t think our era will be remembered for the technological advances, but for the social stagnant that was created by it in terms of physical interaction. I think in the distant future, there will be a social movement to remove people from screens… just a thought. I could be wrong. 

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  • likethepear

    I’m from Canada. This kind of thing is normal in Quebec. Everyone there does it. 

  • JustinHal0897567689

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  • crummett

    That is the coolest fort EVAR!!!

  • Tonyt787

    Broke Mac Mountain

  • John TheBadger

    I just can’t force quit you.