iPhone 5 Cases Arrive at AT&T and Keep Our Dreams of an All-New Design Alive



While recent reports have quashed the possibility of an all-new iPhone 5 — and evidence has suggested an iPhone 4S will be the only device Apple announces on October 4 — iPhone 5 cases delivered to AT&T keep our dreams of all-new iPhone alive.

Not only has AT&T begun listing iPhone 5 cases from Case-Mate in its inventory, but the carrier has also taken delivery of silicon cases for a completely redesigned iPhone. The cases are identical to all of those we’ve seen for the iPhone 5 so far — suggesting a significantly thinner iPhone with a larger screen and a tapered, teardrop design.

One AT&T employee has provided MacRumors with these photographs of a silicon iPhone 5 case delivered to one of the carrier’s stores.

Despite the mounting evidence against an all-new iPhone 5, it’s still very hard to rule the device out completely — especially with a carrier like AT&T ordering cases for the device. Could it be Apple’s, “one more thing”?

  • Barton Lynch

    Apple, I am BEGGING for this phone

  • Junaidkureshi

    The height of bottom is same as iphone 4 with square cut

  • J?

    And on top of that there’s this little nugget;


  • Iphonefan

    please apple i’ve waiting for the the friggin iphone 5 forever. please let it out.

  • dude

    the case doesn’t look like a teardrop :( i want the teardrop!!!

  • Srome95

    Thats exactly what apple wants you to do…thats why they keep so secret

  • Tripps


  • avaloniphone

    Am I the only one who really likes the iPhone 4 design? It reminds me of an expensive piece of audio gear. I like that.

  • tpurdue

    Am I the only one who wonders why the packaging is so large?

  • woodshow

    nope, you’re not the only one. sweet design on the 4. even j.ives is pleased with it.

  • Jimmy Kim

    Who knows, all these leaks could have been controlled by apple to gain hype and news coverage.

  • Lol

    Yeah, and never have the ability to hold your phone comfortably. Teardrop design puts all the weight to the top, making it extremely uncomfortable to hold.

  • Lol

    Or maybe they’re just nonsense.

  • Corey

    If this is the case for the next iPhone we can rule out 4G and NFC technology! They said they wouldn’t be making any changes to make the chips fit! But if there is 4G and NFC Apple is Amazing!

  • YourFriendlySalesman

    This is most certainly a real case! It’s from a lower cost supplier that AT&T authorized retailers can order from. Ive ordered from them myself for my own store. THIS IS REAL! I WORK FOR AN AUTH RETAILER AND ID RECOGNIZE THAT PACKAGING ANYWHERE!

  • BillyJack

    The iPhone 4S will be the “one more thing.”

  • WillieKanr9865867498

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  • Mister Hedge

    Yeah, I admit that the idea of the teardrop seemed kinda silly to me. The image in my mind seemed unbalanced. I really liked the mock-up that German company did that CoM showed off yesterday.

  • MarkCarruthers

    Its like a bag of Doritos, huge bag with two chips inside!

  • MarkCarruthers

    Its like a bag of Doritos, huge bag with two chips inside!

  • Tripps

    That is the most generic-looking fake case packaging design I’ve ever seen. FAKE.

  • Julio Mourão

    Teardrop will work for landscaping use?

  • Andrew Fitzgerald

    Seriously!  “Cell phone accessory”  Wtf? LOL.

  • MurderinMurphy

    I love it and am dreading the “teardrop” design, which just sounds awful and asymmetrical. 

  • MurderinMurphy

    God, how I hope it’s not teardrop-shaped.

  • Chris Killen

    Apple isn’t going to make a phone that doesn’t feel comfortable. No way they’d make a teardrop design, KNOW it’s uncomfortable then make millions of them. If they make a teardrop design, it will feel fine in your hands, don’t worry. 

  • soapisclean

    You guys have quite a narrative going on here.
    “Will it be a shitty update or a brand new phone!??!?! Oh the anticipation!! iFans are on the edge of their seats everywhere!”

    Of course there’s a brand new phone! Not keeping up with the competition would be suicide for a company like Apple. If you take into account the financial and manufacturing resources that Apple has, combined with the time since the iPhone 4 was released I would go all-in on the bet that Apple has a brand new up-to-date phone waiting for all your money.

  • Barton Lynch

    I’m just hoping that they’ve been extra secret with the iPhone 5 and the few leaks have been because of that

  • PuckDaddy

    seriously….. what ‘cellphone accessory’ needs to be in that large of a box. does this packaging company make only this size lid ? they could put 5 cases in there plus a car charger , a tv remote and a family of hamsters. you could start a small herb garden in that! 
    alarm clocks come in smaller packages…. dmanit man!

  • Mike Winters

    Did anyone notice the “Cae-Mate”?  I say fake.

  • PuckDaddy

    it’s barely there

  • Figurative

    Somebody got duped !!