The Anatomy of An Apple Rumor [Infographic]


Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 9.56.03 PM (738 x 541)

Apple rumors are an interesting breed. No other company garners the same level of speculation and anticipation that Apple receives.

The rumor mill is always churning, especially leading up to a major Apple announcement, and sometimes rumors fly so fast that it can be hard to make sense of it all. In case you were wondering, this clever infographic shows how the typical Apple rumor forms over time.

Good work, PCMag. That’s about all there is to it.

  • jayjaytee

    As soon as the iPhone 5(??) is released people will start whingeing about the putative iPhone 6.

  • Nudsui

    Rob shoesmith will camp outside for a month for the iphone 5? honestly…2 days early and you’ll be the first. Thats just a publicity stunt

  • dagamer34

    What’s most infuriating about these rumors is that you only need half a brain to realize that most of them are so stupid and far fetched that they’d never happen, but most sites report them anyway to get increased traffic.

    The most egregious of these was the iPad 3 rumors in the fall. I mean, who actually believes it’s a good idea to revamp a 6 month old product that’s selling extremely well with no worthwhile competition?!?!? O_o

  • timborama

    When *isn’t* Woz near a camera?!?

  • Stevenj

    Not too dissimilar to the way “psychics” predict rubbish with so little accuracy

  • Cliknight

    Apart from saying Apple sold 1.7 million iPhones, how about “Apple laughs all the way to the bank with the free publicity worth millions”?

  • Mister Hedge

    I read that as “physics” initially, haha.

  • Mister Hedge

    That’s only after the iPad 3 and the new MacBook lines come out. ;)