Use Your iPhone To Play With Real Legos With Life Of George


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  • Martin Buckler

    The plural of ‘Lego’ is ‘Lego’

    Every time someone adds an ‘s’ part of my childhood dies.

  • stressball

    I want the song as my new ringtone.

  • nadinethomas

    The LEGO Group announced LEGO Life of George, its first product to combine digital and physical play for a hands-on LEGO gaming experience.

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  • whatisart

    We’re on to your little game. You lot are just saying “Legos” to wind us up now. Hope you tread on a oner.

  • Martin Buckler

    Oners are the most painful of all the different Lego.

  • Martin Buckler

    Turns out it isn’t. This shouldn’t bug me as much as it does but page 19 of this official LEGO® company document explains the correct use of the LEGO brand name.