The iPad Dockintosh Makes Your Retro Macintosh Come to Life [Video]




Say hello to the “iPad Dockintosh.” This iPad speaker dock is made out of a classic Apple Macintosh Plus and iPad insert. The retro and modern worlds collide.

Featuring an easy insert for your iPad, this setup will turn your favorite tablet into one seriously retro fusion of Apple gadgetry. You can initiate the home button from the Macintosh body itself, and open the detachable front to check out the integrated dock, charger and speaker.

Watch the video all the way through to hear how and why Techmoan created this awesome setup.

(Thanks, Corbin!)


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8 responses to “The iPad Dockintosh Makes Your Retro Macintosh Come to Life [Video]”

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  2. Nettie06 says:

    How fantastic!!!

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  4. Fahad Khan says:

    Wonderful and mind blowing Job , Truely Re-Engineered original Macintosh.  

  5. gilest says:

    this is fantastic. i want one of those.

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