Once Magazine Presents A Smart New iPad Format For Photographers



Once is a new photography magazine for iPad, but it’s one with a nice twist: the publishers plan to share income with the contributors.

I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour going through the first (free) edition and I’m impressed. Much thought has gone into making sure that this is more than just a slideshow of photographs.

The three photo stories in this edition include plenty of additional material – essays, maps, timelines, audio clips. Each one is a complete package, telling a story and immersing the reader in a scene, a place, or a point of view. It’s all very nicely put together.

After Apple’s taken its 30%, the remaining income from future sales will be split 50/50 between the publishers and contributors.

This first issue is free, but future issues (all following the same format: three photo stories, each with 25 images and additional material) will cost $2.99. If they keep up the quality shown here, I’d say they will be well worth buying whether you’re a fan of good photography, or simply a curious person interested in finding out more about the world.

(Via BJP Online.)