iFixIt Rips Open The New Thunderbolt Display’s Skin, Finds A Lot of Chips Inside



Our favorite friends at iFixIt have taken their rusty bone saws and hacked through the aluminized breastplate of Apple’s new 27-inch Thunderbolt display to find what they find inside

Their conclusion? Considering the fact that there’s no computer inside this thing, the Thunderbolt display sure has a lot of guts!

Noting that the Thunderbolt display uses the same 27-inch panel as recent iMacs, held onto the aluminum case with the help of heavy-duty suction cups, iFixIt found that “both sides of the logic board are packed with enough chips that it’s hard to believe there’s no computer inside this display.”

In addition, the new Thunderbolt display has a surprisingly beefy sound system. iFixIt found some massive speaker enclosures near the side edges of the Display, and ultimately managed to find a 49-Watt 2-speaker sound system and a miniature subwoofer inside.

There’s a surprising amount of hardware in this thing for a display. Can’t wait to see the new Thunderbolt iMacs that this display gets based upon.

You can find the full teardown here.

  • SVZ eleven

    mmm, all those chips and no ARM processor inside….
    what would be the cost of filling it with a dual core A5 + 8GB memory? and you just got a 3rd. gen AppleTV…

  • Toby Smith

    Would be nice if they threw in a 256GB SSD in there too.

  • Cesey98KY

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  • JAG_P3

    I still want a built in HDMI input on it. It would be the greaest tv hub for all your media and devices. the SSD of toby would be great.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Add everything listed in the previous comments and you have an iMac… Go figure.