FIFA Soccer 12 Finally Comes to the Mac — Available to Download Now



I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of FIFA Soccer 12 on consoles for some time now, so I was delighted to hear that it’s already available on the Mac. That’s right! FIFA has finally come to the Mac, thanks to EA Sports and TransGaming.

This is the first time the hugely popular soccer franchise has graced our Apple computers, bringing with it all the major changes that are introduced in FIFA 12, such as the Impact Engine, which makes for more accurate physics; and Precision Dribbling, which allows you to keep the ball better when you’re close to opposition.

Also new is Tactical Defending, which improves the way in which the game manages defensive strategies; and Pro Player Intelligence, the name of the new and improved artificial intelligence that allows players to make decisions based on their real-world attributes.

FIFA Soccer 12 for Mac is $39.99, and is available to download now from GameTree Mac — days earlier than its release on consoles.

[via The Loop]

  • MeetDennis

    At a gargantuan 7 gig download, I think i’ll stick with my PS3 console

  • joltguy

    Great news, but it would’ve been even greater had they decided to release NHL 12 on the Mac!

  • greatwork1
  • bored

    Just played the PS3 version on the streets of NYC… they have some marketing van driving around letting people play.. great game. They promised me the PS3 version was going to be better than whatever is available for the mac =x

  • EugenioJCoutee

    Thank you for providing this link i’m a big fan of soccer and love Soccer Tipster