These New Kosella Styli Have Smoother Fabric Tips



Kosella think they have a slick new way to make stylus tips: Instead of using the rubbery tips of most styli, they’ve figured out a way to use a fabric tip that has tiny metal filaments woven into it in order to make it conductive.

The new tips really are slick — Kosella sent us an Aponyo Click to play around with, and the fabric really does slide across an iPad’s surface with less resistance than those standard black tips. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s noticeable.

There’re three styli in the Kosella Aponyo lineup. The one above is the $20 Flip, with a stylus tip at one end and an old school ballpoint at the other. We played around with the Click ($18), with a retractable tip like a click ballpoint. The final one is the compact (but extendable) Mini ($15).

Kosella says there aren’t many left, but they’ll have more in stock soon when the current supply is gone. Oh, and you’ll get 10% off one of these styli from Amazon if you use promo code HGLNYY4G before December 31.

  • Budmann

    They still have a few in white!

  • goodplum

    This post sold out most of the black ones right away, but you can register for product updates at in order to be notified of new stock!

    If you search ‘kosella’ on Amazon, you’ll find the white ones still in stock and the coupon code above will also work for those!