These New Kosella Styli Have Smoother Fabric Tips



Kosella think they have a slick new way to make stylus tips: Instead of using the rubbery tips of most styli, they’ve figured out a way to use a fabric tip that has tiny metal filaments woven into it in order to make it conductive.

The new tips really are slick — Kosella sent us an Aponyo Click to play around with, and the fabric really does slide across an iPad’s surface with less resistance than those standard black tips. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s noticeable.

There’re three styli in the Kosella Aponyo lineup. The one above is the $20 Flip, with a stylus tip at one end and an old school ballpoint at the other. We played around with the Click ($18), with a retractable tip like a click ballpoint. The final one is the compact (but extendable) Mini ($15).

Kosella says there aren’t many left, but they’ll have more in stock soon when the current supply is gone. Oh, and you’ll get 10% off one of these styli from Amazon if you use promo code HGLNYY4G before December 31.