How Do I Import Photos from iPod touch to Hard Drive? [Ask MacRx]



Those of us with Macs take for granted how easy it is to import pictures from our iPhones and iPods to our Macs – at least, once you’ve done it the first time. Things are a bit less obvious for iDevice owners running Windows:

Is there an easy way to move all the pictures from the camera roll [on my iPod touch] to my computer or an external hard drive?


Hi Richard,

Yes there is, assuming you have a 4th generation iPod touch with a camera. Plug your iPod into your Mac and launch iPhoto (if it doesn’t pop up automatically). That should recognize the iPod and give you the option of importing some or all photos into your library. Alternately you can use the Image Capture application in the Applications folder to transfer the photos and specificy any destination you like, including an external hard drive.

Yes, its the 4th Gen ipod touch. What if my laptop is an Dell running Vista? I know, it sucks. Its my only non apple product.

Sounds like a good excuse to upgrade to a Mac! ;) In the meantime, this Apple Knowledge Base article describes how to import your photos on Windows using AutoPlay capabilities with your camera (iPod) and either the Windows Photo Gallery (Vista, Win7) or the Scanner & Camera Wizard (WinXP), depending on which version you have.

  • matrix07

    Silly article.
    On Windows, just plug in iPod Touch and go to Computer. There you will see it like any card plugged in. Double click on the way through and you will see everything in your Camera Roll. Simply select and drag and drop to any place as you wish.

  • Brian

    Am I the only one who’s never had any problems with Vista? I use a Mac now as my primary system, but I’ve never had problems with any version of Windows except a bsod here and there in XP. Then again, being a computer tech and knowing what not to do to f*** up your system has its perks.

  • Alejandro THOMPSON

    Woah, time travel!

    When you plug in your iPod, then open iPhoto, your iPod should appear under the Devices section. If the view does not change to show the photos on your iPod, click on your iPod’s name. The “import” options appear near the bottom of the window

    Sometimes, Snow Leopard’s iPhoto doesn’t detect a device so you may have to quit and reopen the app a few times until your iPod appears under the Devices section.

    You can also use programs such as iExplorer ( ) to view an download anything from iOS devices.

  • Coperye

    if you have a Mac, use “Image capture” in your applications folder. Explained