TRTL BOT Unveils Chunky, Kid-Friendly iPad 2 Case on Kickstarter




Los Angeles-based TRTL BOT turned to Kickstarter for the latest project: A massive, multi-use iPad 2 case/stand called The Shell, with a nod to keeping an iPad safe during brutal use. Like when it’s in the hands of kids.

Yeah, it’s big and froggy green (don’t like frogs? It also comes black or white) — but it’s got a handle that turns into a stand for both landscape and portrait positions, and slots for a strap (not clear whether the strap is included) to sling the iPad over a shoulder.

And this looks unique: There’s a little plastic plate that can be set to keep the home button from activating, so those 2nd graders’ll stick to homework instead of heading over to look at Power Ranger stuff. And like all their other stuff, TRTL BOT makes the shell from recycled material.

Get one through The Shell’s Kickstarter page for $50, or hang around till all your friends’ kids have them and buy it for $65. Check out the video on the Kickstarter page for more details.

  • Chase Hausman

    Your picture didn’t work.

  • elimilchman

    Thanks, yes, we seem to be experimenting technical difficulties…

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  • seanseansean

    It has nice features but it’s by far the ugliest case ever made…