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Apple Responds to Environmental Concerns in China [Report]



Apple has responded to concerns from environmental activist groups in China by meeting with The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) in Beijing. IPE has called the gesture a “positive sign” that Apple is attentive to environmental concerns regarding its suppliers overseas.

According to Macworld, IPE and other groups have accused Apple of using Chinese manufacturers that pollute the environment, even going so far as to say that such manufacturers are responsible for a rise in cancer rates among locals.

Apple’s main partner in China, Foxconn, has had many reports published on its unsatisfactory and dangerous working conditions. Employee suicides have been a problem in the past for Foxconn, among other labor issues. Groups like IPE are committed to calling companies like Apple out on bad working conditions and manufacturing processes overseas. Pollution is the problem this time.

Macworld reports:

“IPE said it held talks twice with Apple, the second time with the company’s supply chain management. While Apple did not specifically address all of the concerns the environmental groups made, the company said it would continue to communicate and collaborate with them, according to Wang Jing Jing, vice director for IPE.”

Apple has stated that it routinely audits supply chain management, but certain problems obviously slip through the cracks. Apple is known for being a very eco-friendly company, so hopefully Apple’s manufacturers can get it together in China.