As Promised, Apple Wipes iCloud Data. Could We See iOS 5 GM Released Today?



Did you already undergo the rather tortuous process of getting your entire iTunes library mirrored onto Apple’s iTunes Match servers? Well, bum luck, champ, because Apple just reset all its iCloud Libraries a mere 15 minutes ago. You’ll have to start all over again.

The good news, though, is that it might mean Apple will release the iOS 5 Gold Master as early as today.

This move is hardly a surprise: Apple was warning developers that it would reset all iCloud-related data on their servers since Thursday, and so they have.

What this strongly indicates is that iOS 5 is about done. In previous reports, it has been suggested that Apple released the iOS 5 Gold Master to hardware manufacturers on Friday, and it will start being flashed onto the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5/iPod Touch starting today.

If true, it’s possible this afternoon will see a wider release of the iOS 5 GM build to developers. After all, iOS 5 is by most accounts pretty close to fully baked, and the next iPhone’s release is probably slated for October 14th.. just a few weeks away.

The timing’s all right. Let’s see what this afternoon holds!

[via MacTrast]