Trade Kevin Poulsen’s Classic Nissan Z Car For an Unlocked iPhone



After learning that the teen who first unlocked the iPhone got a Nissan 350Z for his efforts, Wired News editor Kevin Poulsen is willing to trade his classic Nissan 300-ZX for an unlocked iPhone.

Kevin’s car is similar to the car Woz drove (see below), but it needs a bit of TLC, so you might want to offer him an unlocked Razr instead. Or maybe just a regular razor. You know, for shaving. Bids in the comments please.

  • Nicholas Yoder

    Hey I have an unlocked iPhone! I will trade Kevin Poulsen, and I’ll want his autograph too. I’m an old unsolved mysteries fan. Kevin Poulsen is a genius for those that do not know it.

  • dxhdhdhq

    Great looking car, very 80s.