WordPress iOS App Finally Adds The Buttons We’ve All Been Waiting For [App Update]



Yes WordPress, you’ve finally given the WP iOS app a bionic injection — an upgrade that’ll make it an order of magnitude more useful (certainly for bloggers like me, anyway). Finally, I have a whole row of commands to easily insert links, quote marks and the like. But why did it take so long?

Well, let’s forget the delay and just bask in the warm glow of progress. There’s no more having to juggle with HTML code when trying to bold or italicize words or make bulleted lists either. Then there’s the full-screen editing feature — that’s cool too. We think the WordPress iOS app is finally viable as a real blogger’s tool, especially on the iPad. Anyone disagree?

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  • Chicksinger

    I can’t wait to check it out! Always felt frustrated that I couldn’t truly blog from my iPad 2! I love her after all and take her everywhere! ;-)

  • raelmiu

    I disagree. Try posting pictures or video.. It’s amazingly bad.

  • CostinG

    They still have to work a lot on it…

  • Blogsy iPad App

    Have you checked out our app – Blogsy? I think it may be the blogging solution you are looking for. You can check out our demo video and see more information about our app here – http://www.blogsyapp.com

    Hope you don’t mind me responding this way but I know your frustration and that’s why we developed Blogsy.

    Have a nice day.

  • Blogsy iPad App

    I guess it depends on what you mean by “viable”. I don’t want to say anything bad about the WP app because we are the developers of Blogsy which is a competitor of the WP app. 

    I just think Blogsy is better because in Blogsy the HTML is automatically generated when you drag & drop content. We give users the ability to drag & drop content from their Flickr, Picasa, YouTube accounts, Google Image Search, iPad, WordPress Media Library and built-in browser so they don’t have to jump between apps.

    But as you can imagine, I’m a tad biased. :)

    If you would like to see a demo video of Blogsy or learn more about it you can check it out her http://www.blogsyapp.com

    Have a great day!

  • Cyril Rickelton-Abdi

    I’d agree! Blogsy is a really good app that is making me considering switching back to WordPress from Posterous. Now if only we could get an iPhone version of Blogsy, that would be…. YUMMY!

  • Cyril Rickelton-Abdi

    Agreed. Loving blogsy. My new iPad default editor for Posterous and more.