Apple Store Opens in Sicily [Video]



Domenico Panacea – you may remember him from the LED Apple logo t-shirt –  shot a nice video of the opening of the first Apple store to disembark on the isle of Sicily in Italy at the foot of Mount Etna, the Apple Store Centro Sicilia.

With 40-50 Apple stores opening every year,  you’ve seen dozens of these opening videos.  The “It’s a Small World” aspect always jumps out — same hundreds guys in line all night who tell the cameras they are”tired but excited” about the store, same cheers from Apple staff, same crush of photographers, same interior design for the store.

And then you start looking for cultural minutiae – are the three girls in sunny Sicily (everyone is still in short sleeves there) better looking than the ones who showed up for the recent opening of the Toronto store? Is that a soccer stadium chant from the Italian crowd at about a minute in? (Domenico confirms: it’s a stadium chant for local team Catania, modified to be about Apple, which roughly translates to something like “All for the Apple Store Catania!” Go rossazzurri!)

Are the nerd glasses more fashionable in Italy or just a little more conservative than at recent German store opening? What are those “I Love Jailbreak” T-shirts about in the Sicilian crowd? hmmm.

There’s a sociology paper in there, somewhere —  “Psychoacoustic, Metamorphic Archetypes as evidenced in Global Retailing?”

Via MacCity

  • Marco

    Nice one! It seems we are having quite an high Apple Store density now in Italy!

  • Giovanni

    This is the best viedo I’ve seen about this store opening. It includes everything regarding those “magic moments”.
    Was not in line but present in the event, very nice.

  • VGISoftware

    Sono molto felice per ognuno là.

  • Turtle Heart

    Not so “centro”, as Catania is way way over on the eastern tip of Sicilia…very isolated from the rest of Sicily. Very odd choice.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Are there any Italian consumers waiting for the Microsoft retail store to open?  I think not.

  • Admlostsailor

    I completely disagree.  Having lived in Catania for 2 years there is a large naval base about 15 minutes away.  Additionally 2 other large cities, Messina and Siracusa are in a much closer proximity than to Palermo.