These Awesome iTattoo Snap Cases Make Your iPhone 4’s Apple Logo Part Of The Design



Unless you go for a boring old transparent hard case for your iPhone 4, you’re going to cover up that Apple logo on the back of your device when you slap a case on it. However, like those stick-on decals that you can buy for your MacBook, these iTattoo Snap cases compliment your Apple logo beautifully.

There are six iTattoo Snap cases to choose from, each of which are €35 (approx. $47). They are transparent hard cases, but unlike most, that all feature fancy designs that make your iPhone’s Apple logo the center of each masterpiece.

My personal favorites are the Highway case, which places the Apple logo on the side of a truck; and the Keyboard case, which places it on an Apple-inspired keyboard.

Once you’ve got your iTattoo Snap case, all you need to make it perfect is that glowing logo hack from iPatch.

The cases are available now from Charles&Marie.

[via Gizmodo]

  • Wes

    Awesome cases…very unique and creative. I want one! But the iPhone5 is coming out soon…dunno if it’d be wise.

  • JulieGomoll

    Love, these, and I need a new case. Alas, my iPhone is white…

  • ByteOfView

    Looks great… except for that ugly “designed by…” at the bottom. Remove that and it’s a nice-looking case.

  • prof_peabody

    Yeah.  I don’t know why manufacturers don’t realise that lot’s of folks (me included) will simply not buy a product if it has a giant logo like that on it.  They are just throwing away sales by having it and it won’t contribute to their “brand” in any way either.  It’s not like these guys are Coca-Cola or Apple.  Almost all case manufacturers do this too.  

  • Miriamrom

    ¡Beautiful! Here you have more fun:

  • likethepear

    The last one is dumb because there is no “enter” key on ? keyboards.