iOS Developers Continue to Lose Money Thanks to In-App Purchasing Issue



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12 responses to “iOS Developers Continue to Lose Money Thanks to In-App Purchasing Issue”

  1. joewaylo says:

    I’m not a developer, but I’m having horrible issues with my in-app purchasing too.
    Navigon keeps trying to verify my purchase with the Traffic and Panoramic purchases I’ve restored Wednesday when I formatted my PC.

    I’ve had impatience ever since June when my Mailbox has been plagued with deleted messages returning to the inbox.

  2. elvergallo says:

    “plagued by an error for at least 10 hours now…” wow I thought it was more like days or weeks. I guess some people really need their cash fast..

  3. SbMobile says:

    4 people = a problem?! People should do more homework on Apple! If a problem isn’t in the millions, Apple won’t be worried, AT ALL!! Only “big-time” developers will attach their names to a complaint. Don’t come on here & complain, then on Oct. 4, Apple reports more profits for developers! You’re only going to make yourself look stupid.

  4. Rula says:

    We had very serious in-app purchase problems in Mac OS X for about a month, but I have to admit that they seem solved now. Though Apple never admitted anything and some developers got ruined with 1 star reviews on their apps.

  5. Bogguard says:

    It doesn’t only plague developers (like me), it also makes that every customer that buys something doesn’t really buy it, because the backend servers can not verify it.
    This is a huge issue SBMobile…Not for developers, but especially for in-app purchases made by customers..And not ’bout 4 people, but about thousands… (just for our app)

  6. AlterThending says:

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