Apple Joins Digital Due Process Coalition, Along With Dropbox


Digital Due Process banner

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has revealed that both Apple and Dropbox have joined the Digital Due Process coalition — a group whose mission is to pressure Congress into updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

The EFF notes:

In April we launched “Who Has Your Back”, a campaign calling on major Internet companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft to stand with their users when it comes to government demands for users’ data. Today, we’re pleased to see that two of the thirteen companies highlighted in our petition, Apple and Dropbox, have agreed to one of our requests: that they stand up for user privacy in Congress by joining the Digital Due Process coalition.

The DDP group wants the ECPA amended so that the government cannot obtain records of your online activities, such as emails, photos and documents; or data from your cell phone. Today’s ECPA was first passed by Congress in 1986 — long before the Internet landed on our PCs and we all carried cell phones in our pockets.

[via MacRumors]

  • Tombo

    We used to put the ECPA on our BBSes back in the day so people would understand that all data on the BBS (including emails) were property of the SysOp. Memories.

  • gareth edwards