Luxury Cruise Ship offers in-suite iPads



Regent Seven Seas Cruises 700-passenger ship, whose routes include a Caribbean Escapade and Land of Towering Glaciers trip, now serves up iPads for the luxury suites.

The iPads come as perks in 117 penthouse and higher-category suites, the same ones that also include butlers. (We’re not suggesting you stay ensconced in your suite the entire time just to say, “Jeeves, the iPad please.” But we probably couldn’t resist. At least once.)

They aren’t the first cruise ship to offer iPerks: in 2010, Celebrity Cruises launched the iLounge, a floating Authorized Apple Reseller.

Now, if only airlines would get those iPad in-flight entertainment programs off the tarmac, we’d be in business.

Via USA Today

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I want to be ensconced in velvet and iPads while I’m in my luxury suite.  That is so funny.  Go, Apple.  Make the iPad a necessity for every passenger on high-end cruise ships.