Bank On It: AT&T iPhone Upgrade Discounts Mean The Next iPhone Is Coming October 13th/14th



Historically, AT&T has tended to hand out early upgrades to the next iPhone to qualifying customers around the time a new iPhone is announced. Which makes the above image very interesting, as it says that AT&T is already handing out early iPhone upgrades to existing customers, coinciding with a mid-October release.

GottaBeMobile reports on a reader who sent them a tip saying that he’d been bumped from a November 17th upgrade date. Instead, he’s now eligible for a “reduced discount on an iPhone on 10/13/2011.”

It’s almost certain at this point that Apple will unveil the next iPhone on October 4th. My guess is that AT&T will initiated the “reduced discount” on October 13th, making customers eligible to pick up the new iPhone 4S at a reduced price when it drops on Friday, October 14th. My colleague Alex, though, thinks that since the iPhone 4 debuted on a Thursday, we can expect the iPhone 4S to do the same, which makes it an October 13th launch date. What do you think?

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34 responses to “Bank On It: AT&T iPhone Upgrade Discounts Mean The Next iPhone Is Coming October 13th/14th”

  1. Guest says:

    Dial   *639#  from your ATT iPhone to check upgrade eligibility.

  2. Fatebringer says:

    For what its worth my account still shows 2/17/2012 as the upgrade date, same as it has since June

    day1 iphone4, guess I don’t spend enough with them…or they just haven’t changed it yet.

  3. JohnMartine09876 says:

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  4. Mark Bradley says:

    I checked an I am available for an early upgrade. :) all I have to pay is $18 for the early upgrade fee. haha

  5. dagamer34 says:

    Hmm… Also day 1 iPhone 4 also, but my upgrade date is 11/25/11, almost 2 years exactly after I got my 3GS.

  6. Adam Woods says:

    Just checked my Verizon account. It’s still telling me I’m not eligible for a full upgrade until June 2012, but they started pricing iPhone 4 at the full discount price for me. They’ve never done that before.

  7. Thunder Dan says:

    I did the *639# deal. It told me that I was not eligible for the discount, which seems smaller than the usual discount, until 11/25/2011. AT&T can jag me off anyway. I’m going with Verizon.

  8. Silverc says:

    Mine has been showing up as an upgrade since june 25 of this year. i obtained the iPhone 4 on release day

  9. gerenm63 says:

    Then I would say that they’ve known about this exact date for months — that’s what my upgrade eligibility has been for a long, long time. Or, it could coincide with the date that I switched to AT&T, which just happened to be on October 13, six years ago.

  10. Joshua Harris says:

    I received my iPhone 4 on Day 1. I was eligible for the early iPhone upgrade and after texting them it tells me I may qualify on 11/19/2011 which is very close to the date (Nov 25th) I became an AT&T Customer. 

  11. Thunder Dan says:

    Mine is 11/25/11, but I had iPhone 4 since day 1. This story is not making sense. Why would some be able to upgrade in October and I, after having it since the first day, have a later upgrade?

  12. Manny says:

    This looks very likely as there are major discounts on iPhone 4 at a Canadian provider…and the offer ends on October 3rd!

  13. Chris Killen says:

    So, as long as you get the phone on day 1 of release, you should be eligible to upgrade EARLY when the newer iPhone comes out a year later? 

  14. Rackmaster says:

    I also bought my iPhone 4 on launch day (early; I was out of the store an hour after it opened), and my upgrade date is 11/25/11. Like I’m really going anywhere near the Apple store on Black Friday!

  15. Wpetrie79 says:

    I bought my iPhone January of this year. After reading this article, I checked my upgrage eligiblity and to my surprise, I am able to do an early upgrade with $200 off the no contract price so iPhone 5 BRING IT ON!!!!

  16. GH says:

    That’s it?  That means you’re going to be paying at least 100 more bucks for it.

  17. DubbDee says:

    Depends on the amount you spend on your plan, the more you pay the quicker your upgrade eligibility arrives.  Mine says I can get a $200 discount off the full price with a 2 year contract.  I’ve had my iP4 since day one but I have a corporate discount through my employer.  As of today I can’t get the full discount until 2/22/12.  I just did the text and got the following reply which I don’t entirely understand.

    A full discount on a standard device or iPhone upgrade is not available at this time but you may qualify on 02/22/2012.  We can offer you a discounted iPhone upgrade at 2-yr commitment pricing + $250 along with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee.  Please visit a participating iPhone sales location for pricing on this offer.

    A “discounted iPhone upgrade at 2-yr commitment pricing + $250 along with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee?”  What does that mean?  They’re giving me a discount but then I need to pay $250 and $18 for the upgrade?  Plus the price of the phone?  So there’s really no discount at all, right?  Whoever decided on the verbiage of that message should be fired.

  18. Mike1231 says:

    AT&T bases their upgrade eligibility dates on the price of your monthly bill.  If your bill is over $100 per month, you are eligible for a new phone after 12 months of your contract.  If your bill is below $100, your first available upgrade date is 18 months after you sign a contract.  I am sure there is even a 24 month upgrade date as well for even lower months bills.

    In the case of a Family Plan, it is most likely that only the primary line has charges over $100 per month. For most accounts, each additional line has only a $9.99 shared minutes fee and a $25-$30 data charge which added fall quite short of the $100 required to initiate a 12-month upgrade cycle.

    Either way, do not worry because the $250 extra fee to upgrade early is still far less money than you would have paid having your lines carry separate service as opposed to a family plan.

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