Bank On It: AT&T iPhone Upgrade Discounts Mean The Next iPhone Is Coming October 13th/14th



Historically, AT&T has tended to hand out early upgrades to the next iPhone to qualifying customers around the time a new iPhone is announced. Which makes the above image very interesting, as it says that AT&T is already handing out early iPhone upgrades to existing customers, coinciding with a mid-October release.

GottaBeMobile reports on a reader who sent them a tip saying that he’d been bumped from a November 17th upgrade date. Instead, he’s now eligible for a “reduced discount on an iPhone on 10/13/2011.”

It’s almost certain at this point that Apple will unveil the next iPhone on October 4th. My guess is that AT&T will initiated the “reduced discount” on October 13th, making customers eligible to pick up the new iPhone 4S at a reduced price when it drops on Friday, October 14th. My colleague Alex, though, thinks that since the iPhone 4 debuted on a Thursday, we can expect the iPhone 4S to do the same, which makes it an October 13th launch date. What do you think?

[via iDB]

  • Guest

    Dial   *639#  from your ATT iPhone to check upgrade eligibility.

  • Fatebringer

    For what its worth my account still shows 2/17/2012 as the upgrade date, same as it has since June

    day1 iphone4, guess I don’t spend enough with them…or they just haven’t changed it yet.

  • JohnMartine09876

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  • Mark Bradley

    I checked an I am available for an early upgrade. :) all I have to pay is $18 for the early upgrade fee. haha

  • dagamer34

    Hmm… Also day 1 iPhone 4 also, but my upgrade date is 11/25/11, almost 2 years exactly after I got my 3GS.

  • Adam Woods

    Just checked my Verizon account. It’s still telling me I’m not eligible for a full upgrade until June 2012, but they started pricing iPhone 4 at the full discount price for me. They’ve never done that before.

  • Thunder Dan

    I did the *639# deal. It told me that I was not eligible for the discount, which seems smaller than the usual discount, until 11/25/2011. AT&T can jag me off anyway. I’m going with Verizon.

  • Silverc

    Mine has been showing up as an upgrade since june 25 of this year. i obtained the iPhone 4 on release day

  • gerenm63

    Then I would say that they’ve known about this exact date for months — that’s what my upgrade eligibility has been for a long, long time. Or, it could coincide with the date that I switched to AT&T, which just happened to be on October 13, six years ago.

  • Joshua Harris

    I received my iPhone 4 on Day 1. I was eligible for the early iPhone upgrade and after texting them it tells me I may qualify on 11/19/2011 which is very close to the date (Nov 25th) I became an AT&T Customer. 

  • Thunder Dan

    Mine is 11/25/11, but I had iPhone 4 since day 1. This story is not making sense. Why would some be able to upgrade in October and I, after having it since the first day, have a later upgrade?

  • Manny

    This looks very likely as there are major discounts on iPhone 4 at a Canadian provider…and the offer ends on October 3rd!

  • Chris Killen

    So, as long as you get the phone on day 1 of release, you should be eligible to upgrade EARLY when the newer iPhone comes out a year later? 

  • Rackmaster

    I also bought my iPhone 4 on launch day (early; I was out of the store an hour after it opened), and my upgrade date is 11/25/11. Like I’m really going anywhere near the Apple store on Black Friday!

  • Wpetrie79

    I bought my iPhone January of this year. After reading this article, I checked my upgrage eligiblity and to my surprise, I am able to do an early upgrade with $200 off the no contract price so iPhone 5 BRING IT ON!!!!

  • GH

    That’s it?  That means you’re going to be paying at least 100 more bucks for it.

  • DubbDee

    Depends on the amount you spend on your plan, the more you pay the quicker your upgrade eligibility arrives.  Mine says I can get a $200 discount off the full price with a 2 year contract.  I’ve had my iP4 since day one but I have a corporate discount through my employer.  As of today I can’t get the full discount until 2/22/12.  I just did the text and got the following reply which I don’t entirely understand.

    A full discount on a standard device or iPhone upgrade is not available at this time but you may qualify on 02/22/2012.  We can offer you a discounted iPhone upgrade at 2-yr commitment pricing + $250 along with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee.  Please visit a participating iPhone sales location for pricing on this offer.

    A “discounted iPhone upgrade at 2-yr commitment pricing + $250 along with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee?”  What does that mean?  They’re giving me a discount but then I need to pay $250 and $18 for the upgrade?  Plus the price of the phone?  So there’s really no discount at all, right?  Whoever decided on the verbiage of that message should be fired.

  • Mike1231

    AT&T bases their upgrade eligibility dates on the price of your monthly bill.  If your bill is over $100 per month, you are eligible for a new phone after 12 months of your contract.  If your bill is below $100, your first available upgrade date is 18 months after you sign a contract.  I am sure there is even a 24 month upgrade date as well for even lower months bills.

    In the case of a Family Plan, it is most likely that only the primary line has charges over $100 per month. For most accounts, each additional line has only a $9.99 shared minutes fee and a $25-$30 data charge which added fall quite short of the $100 required to initiate a 12-month upgrade cycle.

    Either way, do not worry because the $250 extra fee to upgrade early is still far less money than you would have paid having your lines carry separate service as opposed to a family plan.