AT&T Won’t Unlock iPhone After Contract Expires



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Many wireless companies will unlock cell phones after the initial one- or two-year contract has been fulfilled. But AT&T says the iPhone is “different” and won’t be unlocked at the end of the contract:

AT&T will unlock phones for customers once they have fulfilled their contracts, which typically run one to two years. One big exception: Apple’s iPhone, distributed exclusively in the USA by AT&T. “That’s different,” says AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel.

USA Today.

8 responses to “AT&T Won’t Unlock iPhone After Contract Expires”

  1. Aaron says:

    AT&T Will not unlock the phone because they sell it exclusively. They did the same thing with the Razor. If the iPhone becomes available on other carriers, AT&T will then give out the unlock code. And don’t bother begging the customer service rep you are talking to, AT&T doesn’t tell it’s front line reps the information.

  2. Electroboy says:

    Ah well……guess we’ll just have to unlock them ourselves. Sorry AT&T. Needs must.

  3. Danielito PantalonDelFuego says:

    you know what else is different, at&t?


  4. hattori says:

    fgd gdfg dfg df

  5. AdamDaieh says:

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