Give Your Mac The iOS Look With This Freebie



Love the white-on-black cool of iOS? Wish you could have it on your Mac? Your wish is granted with this cute little software filter that turns your Menu Bar deliciously dark.

MenuBarFilter is totally free and gives your Mac a whole new look with a single click. It does a great job, inverting the colors of the Menu Bar and all the extras and widget icons you might have lurking up there. The result looks pretty classy.

Add it to your Login Items and you need never see the old white Menu Bar ever again.

It’s based on Nocturne, another free app that can also just dim the Menu Bar and perform a host of other color-altering tasks too. MenuBarFilter is a smaller beast designed to do just one job.

(One minor thing, though: it might not always behave as expected when you’re using full screen apps on Lion. I’ve only noticed this when using BBEdit in full screen mode, though.)

(Another minor thing: MenuBarFilter has no visible controls of its own. To quit it, you need to open Activity Monitor and quit it manually from there.)

  • Chris

    (Another minor thing: When you click anything in your menubar, it’ll be negative, meaning blue will turn to ugly green)

  • paddylaz

    Looks pretty slick… it!

  • Henrikaos91

    How can i uninstall it?

  • Chris

    I think you have to open the Activity Monitor, end the process that belongs to the App (Nocturne or MenuBarFilter), and delete the App from your startum items (System Preferences->Users->Your Account->Startup Items)

  • Laz

    very nice – if only it worked with fullscreen apps, kinda useless that it doesnt

  • Ed

    I like it! Thanks.

  • Junaidkureshi

    its too buggy in lion specially when i move spaces and mission control, idea was nice execution is really bad, just deleted.

  • Franklinjeh

    It looks great, but improves are needed like fullscreen apps support and another few bugs in lion

  • Franklinjeh

    It looks great, but improves are needed like fullscreen apps support and another few bugs in lion

  • Active8 Canada Store

    cool, thanks!

  • Michael

    I know a better one called Obsidian Menu Bar. It is solid black, just like iOS. Not sure if I’m allowed to post the link, but here it is

  • Meansomuch

    You could just try Ubuntu, rather than rip off its design.

  • Aaron

    It’s not quite inverted colors, but close. White and black are inverted; colors stay the same. The American flag icon in my menu bar is red, black, and blue. Appropriate if you consider the beating we’re taking in Afghanistan…

  • Aaron

    Really? The menu bar rips off Ubuntu? As much as I love Ubuntu, I have to say there are MANY elements on Ubuntu that rip off the Mac. Close, minimize, and maximize buttons in the upper left corner of the window. A “dock” on the left side of the screen (Ubuntu 11.04 and later). Many of the Administrative preference windows that look like they were lifted directly from Mac OS X. Get real, dude.

  • Chris

    btw, have you ever seen quality software for linux? I always found just open source crap

  • KhaledsCorner

    it looks good

  • Shane Copp

    I find it pretty good minus the fact that it blinks in and out on FS apps.

    I wish menu eclipse 2 could sort out the issues it has with lion and the FS apps. It’s by far my favorite. Love to hide the menu bar completely ;)

  • Clem

    No it won’t… I have it installed and only the black and white are inverted, all other colours stay the same…