Epic Games Makes Unreal Engine 3 Mac Compatible



If you’re an iOS gamer, you’re probably already familiar with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, which already powers some stunning titles like Infinity Blade and Epic Citadel. You’ll be pleased to hear, then, that Epic is bringing its Unreal Engine 3 to the Mac.

That means that all of the games already developed using the Unreal Development Kit can now be ported over to Mac OS X,  with “every UDK game’s potential user base [increasing] dramatically yet again,” according to Epic.

Be sure to look out for the next-generation of Mac OS games built using the Unreal Engine 3, which are sure to be as staggering as those released on iOS, and those console titles that use the UDK such as Unreal Tournament 3 and the magnificent Gears of War series.

For those of you more interested in mobile gaming, the updated UDK also provides multi-display support for your iOS games, over both AirPlay and HDMI cable.

[via MacRumors]

  • Metalboyblue

    Yes but can you develop on the Mac?

  • Craig Stark

    This couldnt come at a better time, I’m just learning UDK at university at the moment and was away to buy windows to run this on but now I dont need to! :D

  • WillaNatch9876

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  • Griffincomputers

    Hopefully GOW 3 will be released on the MAC this year?

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    To answer both Craig and Metalboyblue:

    No you can’t develop on the mac.  You can only port your UDK game so it will function on the mac.

    There’s a growing number of UDK developers that are a little more than miffed at Epic for this.  In response Epic says they are “still considering” letting you use UDK natively on the mac, however they haven’t done it yet.

  • imajoebob

    Here’s the unseen downside to all this: as more gaming moves to the Mac, the rest of us will be forced to buy systems that have components compromised, both literally and figuratively, to run games alongside the traditional apps.  The one thing games don’t do as well as most apps is share resources, and we’ll probably end up with a bunch of components that are designed to convert formerly multi-threading channels that allowed us to render a graphic while querying a database in parallel into one giant switching pipe so “Clone Killer 53” can slaughter Mechadrones™ more efficiently. 

  • jacklahaie

    Epic Citadel isn’t a game, it’s a demonstration of the Unreal Engine’s capabilities on iOS platforms.

  • Maksim Rogov

    UT3 on Mac, ever? Come on Epic! 

  • Joshua Silickas

    were and i get unreall engine 3