Huge Keynote Line Forms Before Dawn; Fake Twitter Sightings of Steve Jobs


CC-licensed picture by Luca Bartolletti

The line for this morning’s Schillernote at WWDC was already several blocks long before the first light of dawn. See the pictures on Flickr and reports on Twitter. Compare to this unintentionally hilarious collection of pre-dawn Palm Pre lineup photos.

Talking of Twitter, there’s been several tweets saying Steve Jobs has been spotted at WWDC.

However, it looks like a false rumor that’s spreading fast. Most of the Twitter sightings seem to be a retweet of a tweet by Michael Fey, known as MrRooni, who said: “Holy damn I just saw Steve Jobs walk through Moscone! #wwdc.”

‘I’m guessing, but MrRooni’s tweet looks like a joke to me. But now the joke is spreading, and others are treating it as real.