Angry Birds Costumes Will Be All the Rage This Halloween



Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise is by far the most successful game title to make it in the App Store. The game has been downloaded in its various forms over 350 million times, and there’s all kinds of Angry Birds merchandise out there to buy.

So, what’s next for the money makers at Rovio? You guessed it: Halloween costumes.

Costume Discounters is now taking preorders for Angry Birds Halloween costumes. You can buy your baby a bird or pig costume with an Angry Birds helment to match. Costumes for adults are also available, so that full grown men can look even more ridiculous when they trick-or-treat.

Prices range, but these Angry Birds costumes are available for $31-$48 online.

If you decide to buy one of these outfits, we want to see pictures. That is all.

(via TouchArcade)

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23 responses to “Angry Birds Costumes Will Be All the Rage This Halloween”

  1. Michael says:

    Angry Birds is so overrated.

  2. Mike Rathjen says:

    I hate Angry Birds.

  3. Jimbocrimbo says:

    like your mama in bed

  4. (???)? says:

    i get sick with angry birds after playing just 20 minutes. 

  5. Wayne_Luke says:

    Talk about milking a brand. When is the movie going to be released?

  6. zupplemental says:

    Angry Birds Costumes Will Be All the Rage This Halloween- no it won’t 

  7. Chris says:

    I’m not good enough for Angry birds :(

  8. Chris says:

    I’m not good enough for Angry birds :(

  9. Steve Jods says:

    This is stupidest game ever. Lazy iOS programmers making simple and boring games with monotonous gameplay.

  10. Cincotta_e says:

     love it!

  11. Rotta says:

    Don’t be so negative.  Just be happy about funny things in the world. 

  12. Elegantpaws says:

    Hey, lots of negativity for Angry birds here in the comments! if you love them (like me) and want to make your own costumes for Halloween, you can check out some I made for friends this year!

  13. John_woo says:

    nice post

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