Final Cut Pro X Gets A Free 30 Day Trial, XML Import And A Lot Of Other Fixes



Responding to mass rioting amongst its users, Apple promised as far back as July that they would eventually be restoring XML support in Final Cut Pro X. Now it’s finally here, along with numerous other improvements… but will this update finally drown out all the criticism?

Maybe not, but at least the addition of a 30-day free trial means no more users will drop $300 on Apple’s pro video editing software and be caught unaware by its omissions.

Obviously, the biggest addition in FInal Cut Pro X’s update is the ability to import and export project in XML, meaning that users can now take XML formatted projects from FCP7 and other editing software and edit them in FCPX. In other words, Final Cut Pro X just gained a semblance of backwards compatibility.

In addition, here’s what is new:

• Support for events and projects through Xsan, the company’s technology that allows multiple computers to concurrently access storage

• Support for media stems (or audio channeling). This lets users assign a “role” to media once it’s imported, so that when it’s time to export things like dialogue, sound effects and soundtracks, those exports can be done in a single pass.

• Custom starting timecodes

• Full-screen view toggle for Mac OS X Lion users

• GPU-accelerated export (was previously only CPU-based)

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 isn’t in the Mac App Store yet, but if Cnet’s already taken a look at it, expect it to hit the MAS sometime later today.

  • BrianR

    The update doesn’t show in the App store for me (9am Pacific)…?

  • Lizzy Overgaard

    was about time they added a trial

  • AlecTheFirst

    Spoiler alert: The end of the article says, “Final Cut Pro X 10.1 isn’t in the Mac App Store yet, but if Cnet’s already taken a look at it, expect it to hit the MAS sometime later today.”

  • CharliK

    According to my sources, the timing and content of this update is from the original timetable and has NOTHING to do with the bitching. The only thing done due to he feedback was the trial. It was deemed cheaper and easier to add in a timer than to deal with all the folks calling and complaining, threatening lawsuits etc

  • Chris

    whre do I get the 30-day trial?

  • RaycerXray

    I downloaded the update…and man does it make a difference. FCPX is more responsive and squashed a lot of annoying little bugs. I haven’t tried out the new features yet, but right out of the gate it’s working much better for me.

  • ceraunograph

    Have they added multiclip support yet? I work in Reality TV and Documentaries. Nothing can get done without multiclips and multi-track editing. Until this is added, FCPX will always be a really bad joke.

  • tromblion

    It’s online now.