Another iPhone 5 Case Emerges, Reinforcing Rumors of a Thinner, Larger, Tapered Device



Following that questionable leak from Case-Mate last week, another iPhone 5 case has emerged that reinforces rumors of a device with a significantly larger display than that of the iPhone 4, coupled with a thinner, tapered design.

This iPhone 5 hard shell was obtained from an “undisclosed source” by a GDGT user who posted these pictures online, along with measurements for the device. However, the measurements that were posted don’t seem to add up.

As you can see from the image below, an iPhone 4 fits inside this case with plenty of room all around, but the measurements that the user posted to GDGT would actually make the case smaller than the iPhone 4.

The case is said to be 110mm in height, 55mm in width, and tapered from 8mm at the top to 6mm at the bottom. The iPhone 4, however, according to Apple’s website, is 115.2mm in height, and 58.6mm in width. Which, of course, makes the iPhone 4 bigger than this case.

I’m guessing, then, that the measurements for this case are a little inaccurate, because the picture clearly proves that an iPhone 4 fits comfortably inside, with plenty of room. The case also matches those leaked by Case-Mate, with the mute switch swapped over to the right-hand side.

Unfortunately, while this case leaks are a glimmer of hope for those who are hoping for a fancy new iPhone, it’s hard to establish how reliable they really are. For example, these cases could have been manufactured from the measurements leaked several months ago, and if those aren’t genuine, the cases won’t be either.

Having said that, would manufacturers really waste their resources on making huge numbers of these cases before they’re certain of the iPhone 5’s design? I mean, you only have to do a quick search on sites like DealExtreme or Alibaba to see that thousands of these cases have already been made.

What do you think of these case leaks?

  • Jonathan Crouch

    I’m gonna miss my lovely iphone4 shape – really like the solid edge feel and personally, a step backwards to a shape similar to the iphone3 / 3gs design.

  • ALi

    fake ….

    Galaxy S ii case

  • Dan1ken

    Halaxy s2 Case .-……..sure , u are blind ? cam is in the middle @ galaxys2

  • KillianBell

    It’s nothing like the Galaxy S II

  • Sebastian Herzog

    as long as there is an iphone5 when i get back stateside, ill be happy

  • Sean Heather

    Im glad I just upgraded to an iPhone 4, that looks too big for my liking…

  • Moac

    from those measurements , what would be the suggested screen size?
    I hope we get a 4inch screen this time around. :)

  • Scbeer

    Next Gen iPod Touch! Get over it already.

  • Custom

    Why almost nobody consider this thing aimed at a new iPod touch ?

  • Custom


  • aramishero

    Is Galaxy S2 Camera at side? Galaxy S2 Camera is in the middle…

  • aramishero

    This is iCloud Phone aka iPod Touch 3G + Speaker and Mic for making Call with 3G+WiFi with those VOIP apps like Skype and Google Voice. iOS 5 iMessage already give hint to us. SMS with 3G+WiFi and will using Apple ID to make call like FaceTime. No traditional mobile telecommunications functions to make call. This is help Apple to make World Phone and cheaper hardware without traditional feature.

  • MarkCarruthers

    IF the iPhone 5 has a dual LED flash as some rumors say, this case and many other rumored cases wont fit, if not then I sure hope this is a clue of things to come.

  • Howie Isaacks

    You can drive yourself nuts with all of these rumors.  I prefer to wait until Apple actually announces the iPhone 5, or what ever it’s going to be called.  I’m still very satisfied with my iPhone 4 that I got the day before they shipped.

  • Starfox

    Because it doesn’t make any sens to sell an iPod Touch which is better than an iPhone.

  • TheRON

    I was wondering about preorders.. I have heard some people got their iphone 4 a day early in the mail but I also heard if you preorder it through apple you print a voucher and take it into the store to pick it up on the first day. How did you preorder your iphone 4? and whats the best way so I can get the Iphone 5 quick! thanks

  • Jaime Cruz

    what else do u have left to say.. u upgraded days before the next gen iphone launch.. I feel sorry for u bro

  • Jaime Cruz

    what else do u have left to say.. u upgraded days before the next gen iphone launch.. I feel sorry for u bro

  • Jaime Cruz

    cam is NOT in the middle blind man

  • Jaime Cruz

    sorry.. replied to wrong post :S

  • thecakeisalie