App Brings the iOS Lock Screen to Your Mac



One of the main staples of iOS is its iconic “Slide to Unlock” lock screen. The interface makes sense on a touchscreen device — just swipe your finger from left to right to unlock.

An app called Lock Screen 2 brings the “Slide to Unlock” screen from iOS to the Mac. Practical, right?

Introducing The New Way To Lock/Unlock Your Computer Screen On MacOS

  • Lock by hotkeys
  • Lock after idle
  • Lock before sleep
  • Slide to unlock by keyboard
  • Slide to unlock by trackpad
  • Slide to unlock by passpattern
  • Custom slide to unlock text
  • Custom lock/unlock sound
  • Custom wallpapers
  • Open at login option

You obviously don’t have a touchscreen on your Mac, so Lock Screen 2 isn’t going to work exactly like iOS. Instead, you have a trackpad on MacBooks and Macs with a Magic Trackpad. Lock Screen 2 lets you swipe across your trackpad like an iOS device to unlock. You can also set a string of keystrokes to simulate a slide to unlock gesture.

The app lets you set a password of 3-12 keys to use for unlocking your Mac, but the trackpad option makes more sense (unless you want the added security). Lock Screen 2 lets you customize the lock screen background, text, and sleep/wake options within the app.


Lock Screen 2 is available for the current price of $1.99 in the Mac App Store. The app’s regular price is $4.99.

What do you think? Weird, or actually useful?