It’s Playing 2.0 Might Just Be The Best Answer To VLC On Your iPad



When I recommend an iPad video player, I tend to recommend CineXPlayer, which will throw pretty much any format you throw at it without converting it. It does have one crucial issue, though: it can’t handle AC3 sound.

Enter the rather awkwardly named app “It’s Playing 2.0.” Like CineXPlayer, it’ll play any video on your system, including FLV, AVI, MKV, OGG and WMV. It can load subtitles. You can scrub through a movie using variable speed controls. And it does AC3 sound! Hurrah.

There’s more, actually. There’s on-the-fly video adjustment that lets you fix up color, contrast and brightness as the video plays, and you can also crank up the volume to absurd levels, just like VLC… perfect if you’re trying to watch a video across the room.

A great app, and even better? It’s just $2. Cheap!

[via Gadget Lab]

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31 responses to “It’s Playing 2.0 Might Just Be The Best Answer To VLC On Your iPad”

  1. Tom says:

    I thought VLC is available on iPad?

  2. Algae says:

    it used to be.

  3. Mike Rathjen says:

    VLC is available in Cydia.

  4. Chris says:

    can you actually destroy your speakers with this app? And would Apple replace your iPad? :P

  5. vikassaraswat says:

    you need to do little bit of R&D 
    the best APP to play in media format is air video.
    you don’t need to transfer file to iPad/iphone, but you can stream direct from your computer to iPad/iphone or to a big LED TV with built in air play.

    I do this  every day.
    It can play any format that includes mkv or dvd rip folder.

  6. RL says:

    Air Video is a good option, but not the only option. What happens if you’re on an airplane and do not have an internet connection?

  7. Jeff Sharp says:

    What so special here? Everyone one of the apps listed below does much much much more…
    1) AVPlayer
    2) Azul Media Player
    3) Buzz Player
    4) Flex Player
    5) Good Player
    6) GPlayer
    7) Player X
    …. and seriously the list goes on and on……yawn… sounds like paid commercial.

  8. Tania Huiny says:

    Buzz Player. in addition playing all kinds of video locally. will also lets you play video over a network. no need to copy it the iPad.

  9. INGO NAU says:

    Does it play 1080p without lags?

  10. AriRomano says:

    umm… it plays AC3 sound? so how do you put out DD without an optical audio port? :D

  11. ipadaddict says:

    you should try the app

  12. ipadaddict says:

    well, if you decide to get the volume to the max on a file that already has good sound that just wouldn’t be smart, would it?

    it just lets you adjust the volume to what you prefer :)

  13. Alexwalex77 says:

    The player is no longer available on the app store? Any ideas why?

  14. Fábio Bernardo says:

    No… Cmon… Destroy your speakers by raising the volume? Be smart… There is a volume limit on the speakers by default, and no app can change that. What this app does is raise the movie’s audio, just like VLC on your computer.

  15. Burak Bardakci says:

    Best app for video playing on iPad is “Good Player” to me. There is no need for switching.

  16. replayer app says:

    Please check this FREE iPhone/iPad video player, ReplayerHD.
    No need to encoding.
    Special features: replay, dragging subtitle, 2X playback, thumbnail index,… so on.
    Demo Video :
    Any troubles, pls email to replayerapp AT gmail DOT com
    Thank you :)

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