It’s Playing 2.0 Might Just Be The Best Answer To VLC On Your iPad



When I recommend an iPad video player, I tend to recommend CineXPlayer, which will throw pretty much any format you throw at it without converting it. It does have one crucial issue, though: it can’t handle AC3 sound.

Enter the rather awkwardly named app “It’s Playing 2.0.” Like CineXPlayer, it’ll play any video on your system, including FLV, AVI, MKV, OGG and WMV. It can load subtitles. You can scrub through a movie using variable speed controls. And it does AC3 sound! Hurrah.

There’s more, actually. There’s on-the-fly video adjustment that lets you fix up color, contrast and brightness as the video plays, and you can also crank up the volume to absurd levels, just like VLC… perfect if you’re trying to watch a video across the room.

A great app, and even better? It’s just $2. Cheap!

[via Gadget Lab]