Jabra Unveils Its Newest Primo Bluetooth Headset



What’s got a folding boom, Jabra’s most-advanced noise-canceling and wind noise-reduction technology and a massive ear cushion even that princess in the pea story would be comfortable with? You guessed it (probably because it’s in the headline) — the just-announced Jabra Supreme Bluetooth headset.

The Supreme ($99) has Noise Blackout 3.0, Jabra’s jargon for it’s most advanced noise-canceling technology and a flip-out boom that turns the Supreme on or off when flipped. The Supreme will ship in October.

  • Robert Pruitt

    Inspired by the key to my Honda perhaps?

  • Mitch Thompson

    To my shame, I’ve owned two bluetooth headsets. I’ve since realized two things:

    1. They look really dorky, no matter what.
    2. I’m nowhere near as important as I think I am.

    Besides, who TALKS on a phone, anymore? I mean, there are four phones on my account, and it’s only a700 minute a month account, and I still get minutes added to my roll over.

  • EmilyWolf

    ,,. amazing

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    I use ÉgoWin.com