Just Shipped: Neato Speakerphone-Equipped Bluetooth Travel Speakers for iPad From iHome



We think this is pretty cool — the iHome iDM15 ($99) is a set of Bluetooth-equipped stereo speakers that include a microphone so they can be used as a speakerphone.

The speakers unpack from a case that turns into a stand for your iPad and, and they’re equipped with rechargeable batteries. There’s even a call button to answer calls. Seems like a great travel accessory — if those elfin speakers can actually deliver decent sound.

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7 responses to “Just Shipped: Neato Speakerphone-Equipped Bluetooth Travel Speakers for iPad From iHome”

  1. Mac_tabby says:

    This is what I am waiting for.  I’ve been looking for a decent but portable speakers for iPad lately, but could find that suits my taste. 

  2. fredvig says:

    Check out the Jambox by Jawbone. It has all the same features, is much more portable and has amazing sound for its size. If you’re looking for something to just toss in your bag (weighs about a pound) and sounds great, the Jambox is the one. Yeah, I probably sound like a shill, but I’m just a musician who travels all the time and was elated when I found this thing. I’ve turned about five other people onto it already.

  3. Kim1032 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jambox!

  4. EmilyWolf says:

    ., awesomee

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    I use ÉgoWin.com

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